Power Couple Spotlight: Nick and Marilyn Mosby

By: Beatrice Bangura, BmoreFab Correspondent 


Councilman Nick Mosby and his wife Attorney Marilyn Mosby are the true definition of a power couple. The Mosby’s  not only hold busy careers but also juggle parenting with two adorable little girls. How do they do it all? Read on to find out…

Tell us the story of how you first met and how you knew he/she was the one for you?

We met on the campus of Tuskegee University. I was an 18-year old freshman from Boston and Nick was a 19-year old sophomore from Baltimore. After spending several hours in the student lounge discussing current events, politics, and music, I knew that our values and ambitions in life aligned and that he would one day be my husband.

How do you balance your relationship and career? Do the lines get blurred?

Working full-time as a civil litigation attorney and being married to a full-time engineer and politician while I’m running for Baltimore City State’s Attorney is definitely challenging at times because the lines of our relationship, family life, and career do often get blurred. Time management and setting priorities is key.



Would you advise working for or with your significant other?

We think it’s extremely important when pursuing your life goals to work with people that inspire, encourage, and bring out the best in you. If you put GOD first and egos aside, there’s no better person to work with and/or for than the person that you committed your life to.

What’s your personal definition of a power couple?

 Our personal definition of a power couple is one that transfers the power and synergy of their love for one another to influencing matters of greater purpose. Public service has always been on the forefront of our ambitions and it is truly exciting to watch Nick live out his lifelong dream while embarking on mine as the next Baltimore City State’s Attorney.

How do you keep the romance alive?

We keep the romance alive by carving out special time for one another and staying spontaneous. We love taking weekend trips away and devoting quality time to each other.

You guys have two beautiful girls; how do you balance being parents along with marriage and careers? 

Balancing grueling careers, parenthood, and marriage is extremely difficult but the one thing that keeps us grounded are our children. Our little girls look to the two of us to set the examples for their life. The moment our children awake, together we’re motivated to be and do all that we can to instill and inspire them to be great.


You both have amazing but grueling careers. Did anyone’s career have to be delayed or stalled for the others?

We’ve been extremely blessed to both be able to pursue our passions as public servants in a city where our respective passions can be felt. Because we set our goals high and mapped out a plan for our life, our careers were never delayed or stalled.

What would be the perfect day off?

Our perfect day off would be vacationing on a tropical island basking in the sun on the beach together.

As a power couple, if you could choose a super power, what would it be?

If we could choose a super power it would the power of forgiveness and discernment.


What advice would you give the single men and women out there aspiring to have it all? The career, the marriage and the kids?

We would encourage single men and women aspiring to have it all to marry a person that you consider to be a friend and  not only pushes you beyond the purview of your potential but leads by example and inspires you to do and be more than you could ever imagine.

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