It looks like WPGC-FM 95.5 is definitely shaking things up. After we broke the story that they were replacing Anji Corley with Sunni, today Big Tigger announced that his co-host of “The Big Tigger Morning Show” Danella was fired.


Perhaps executives at WPGC-FM are firing these radio personalities in order to afford a more well-known personality who is asking for a lot of money. I just hope they don’t piss off fans in the interim. In the DMV, since we’re so close it’s easy to listen to Russ Parr, Rickey Smiley and even Tom Joyner. Be careful WPGC.


  • I’ll miss Danella. She was very sweet and balanced Tigger out! Sad to see her go. Looks like I’ll be listening to Rickey Smiley now.

  • WPGC has lost their damn minds! How dare you get rid
    of Danella and Anji. This station is turning into a ghetto (tacky)
    station like WKYS. And to add insult to injury what happened to
    Julie Wright doing the weather? You just lost me, I’m going to start
    listening to 102.3. In closing let me just say, I am very disappointed
    in WPGC, you have gone from class to NO class!

  • It’s tigger who should have been fired. I can’t stand him and wanna be a player, but is NOT a playa ass. Ya’ll memba that time he thought he could bring chicks to Diddy, but Diddy was like naw man, I got my own. What do I need yours for?

    FIRE TIGGER (the HO!)

  • Russ Parrs show is WHACK there are to many people on @ once talking! Can’t take it! 102.3 it is! Their rotation is excellent and I don’t hear the same songs over & over. Damn WPGC is losing its touch. They shouldve put “Sunni” in lil Month’s spot and kept Anji! I loved her and Danella! Smh They are gone & so am I as a listener!

  • Danella was not fired in radio when air talent is fired there name is no longer spoken on air. So no Micheal Saunders would have not let Tigger say her name if she had been fired. People PPM has changed the urban radio world.

  • What is going on? Donnie left PGC and they brought in TIgger & Danella. Now Danella is gone? This reminds me of a few years back in 02 when Russ Parr Mornign Show w Olivia Foxx lost Olivia foxx.


    I listen to majic1023.3 for Tom Joyner, then whur 96.3 for triscina grey.

    I like local shows but russ parr has changed so much IMO since he went national that I dont enjoy it like I used to.

  • Yeah….not sure if the Tigger Mornin show gonna survive…some stuff they were doin was wack and damn near crossed the line… I was caught by surprise when they had the porno folks on the air and I had my kids in the car askin me what was Tigger talkin bout… I changed the radio station for good after that. I MISS DONNIE SIMPSON!!

  • WTF? Is really good PGC? Number 1-You have an Americas Next Top Jock Contest…Anji wins and in no time (before she could get her damn feet wet) she gets fired and replaced. Really? Homegirl packed up all her stuff for a new career move and yall f`d it up! 2-Just when I was getting used to the wack ass Big Tigger Morning Show….yall let Daniella go? Sounds like management needs to be fired and rehired. DJ Rico, Donnie Simpson, Julie Wright……Missing True Talents! Personally I’m tired of the same old ass, lack of talent personalities like Tigger….who tries his hands at jumping on all the male celebrities for a chance to build on a rap career that will NEVER happen. Yeah…he got one corny ass verse on R. Kelly’s “Fiesta” but that’s probably because Kelz got tired of the bama pressing him out. Peace PGC…..your personalities match your events and concerts…..WHACK and a WASTE of TIME!

  • I am a Rickey Smiley show FAN! Love that show! However, I would listen to PGC from time to time. I thought the show was rather weak, but I was starting to enjoy Danella. Now that I’ve learned she has left the show I probably will not listen anymore. Though I think Tigger is a true talent & I wish him the best.

  • It is a damn shame how this station has literally self destructed!!! I enjoyed the combination of Tigger & Danella but also felt at times it had extremely mature topics for a morning radio show! I can’t front…I would listen to 95.5 in the morning any day over Russ Parr & the morning no-show, they totally suck and it’s a zoo with Russ always having the need to over-talk everyone!! I’m glad that Free has a job but it is going to be a another 106 & Park flashback for her…….so girl, don’t get comfortable. WE LOVE YOU & MISS YOU FREE – GET BACK IN FRONT THE SCREEN!!


  • 92.3 is the spot pgc is like that person you been with and been going back and foward until that one last thing happen that just end it for good.

  • Bottom line! Tigger morning is boring. His personality is not made for morning radio. Move tigger back to 2-6, and bring Donnie back to the morning show with a new cast surrounding him. This is best!

  • One more thing. When Larry was on the show he was shut down every time he said something funny. Tigger would cut him off every time as if he was hating on him. Larry made the show. You could tell Larry was getting tired of being treated in such a disrespectful manner. With that being said, I am not surprised he left. Big tigger needs a wake up call, because he is a little full of his self. In addition, the girl co-host was sweet, but is not fit for radio. If you want to hear a real show, tone in to Ricky Smiley. He is a great leader and respects the people around by not cutting them off and letting them shine. Russ Par and tigger needs to take note. Everybody can be replaced.

  • WoW! Did not think CBS had the balls to fire Tigger. Like I said before, anybody can be replaced. Learn from this, treat your cast well, and stay humble.

  • I’m sad for her but one of them had to go. I was sick and tired of hearing sexual tension on-air. All they did was flirt all morning. I hate watching or hearing other people flirt. But that’s just me. I wish Danella bigger and better things.

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