TrillFit Pops Up in New York City

The Boston-based Trillfit has only been around about a year, but has already made an appearance in cities like L.A. and this weekend mad a pop-up stop in New York City’s China Town Ludlow Studios (40 Ludlow St, New York).

The event space was transformed into a pamper oasis with areas like the Braid Bar where a hair stylist braids your hair into a sweat friendly style, a Massage Area, Henna (best reserved for after the sweat fest), Instant Photo Booth, Refreshments, and a DJ who kept the vibe trill throughout the day.

Trill Fit Brunch and Burn NYC Snacks


The doors opened at 11:00, but the class was to begin at 12 and started around 12:15. It’s always a good idea to get people in the doors early for a timely start to the main event.

Y’all know I am all about trying new fitness and work out routines, but I gotta say I was a bit nervous about this one. You see the way my holidays were set up…but hey that’s what resolutions are for, right? Fortunately, when the music got turned up and the instructor, Meli Valdez (@missmelivaldez) got you in the rhythm of the moves, it hardly felt like a work out at all. Smiles were exchange between your insta-buddies and there were plenty of “hype ladies” around to keep the energy on “fleek”. With all the fun, the routines felt much shorter than traditional sequenced workouts like Zumba or fitness cycle routines, so you had just enough of “That’s my jam” before you said, “No, THAT’S my jam” with increased enthusiasm.

Now, don’t be mistaken, this is a high intense trap music filled workout. At the beginning of the class, they asked if anyone had knee injuries, but it would have been helpful either before the warm up or midway through the hour long workout to break down some of the moves to better ensure that everyone’s alignment was correct to reduce the possibility of injury. The steps were very easy to follow, but gave plenty of room for personal um – expression.

Trill Yoga with Claire Fountain
Trill Yoga with Claire Fountain

After a brief switch over, it was time for Trill Yoga which was founded in NYC by Claire Fountain (@CBQuality). The transition hit a little snag when not all of the participants brought yoga mats (myself included!). Eventually they found a few extra and that along with large towels got everyone “on the mat” for some relaxing stretches. She took us through a basic vinyasa flow that was easily adapted to all fitness levels. The music set was a relaxing pop mix with recent tracks – lots of Drake. Even with the good music, it was a little hard to get in the flow with pictures flashing and the brunch set up. If in the future, they’re able to separate spaces it may enhance the relaxing experience.

TrillFit Brunch and Burn Brunch NYC 3After almost 2 hours of being in motion it was time to brunch! Fortunately we weren’t killin’ all the calories we burned as they offered plenty of avacado toast, cream cheese toast with fruit, and yogurt parfaits to go with the earlier snacks and mimosas.  Guests who came on time for the workout still had a full hour to enjoy the wellness stations and a few even left with a gift bag (I didn’t get one…or else I woulda showed y’all… 🙁 ).

Overall, Trill Fit was a serious workout experience that was professionally implemented (Shout out to Exquisite Design Concepts). I am extremely impressed with how much they have accomplished in such a short time and can’t wait to see where they pop up next!


If you can’t wait until their next pop-up event to check ’em out, stop by 52 Province Street, Suite 307. Classes are taught 4 times a week. See the website for complete details.

This workout was provided to me free of charge. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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