Wax Club: A Luxury Experience for Any Budget

As hair removal has become a part of beauty regimen, founders of Wax Club (150 Chambers St, Tribeca) Julia Davidov and Marcy Kornblum saw an opportunity to combine luxury to the routine beauty procedure of waxing. Chains like European Wax Center are opening up all over the city, but the two friends, once client and hairdresser, wanted to set themselves apart from the run of the mill chains. “We wanted this a small town feeling…where every body feels welcome. We didn’t want to feel like this corporate where everybody’s a number and everybody’s rushed.”

To achieve that, the paid attention to every detail. When you arrive, you’re offered a beverages regardless of the type of waxing service you are receiving. Chandeliers adorn the ceilings, comfy, plush modern couches beckon to be sat on. Behind the shimmery curtain are service rooms which are spotlessly clean with a welcoming attendant ready to walk you through the process of your procedure.

As a person who doesn’t really wax, I was a bit nervous, but my attendant Melissa made sure I was in comfortable and explained about every step in the hard waxing system. By using  hard wax, the pain ratio goes down about fifty-percent. It also allows for cleaner removal and a quick clean up with less waste. I got my neck done, and it took about 5 minutes, and the results should last about 2-3 weeks. Thanks Melissa!


So what about cost? Services start at $10. No, I’m not kidding. And if you’re a die-hard waxer you can get unlimited waxing for $89.00 a month and even bring a friend along. For the quality of service and the ambiance, there just isn’t a better place out there.


Check out their services and pricing here, and when you go, tell ’em Tiffany sent you!


Disclaimer: Serviceswere provided to me free of charge. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own.