Spotted: Jidenna at The White House for ‘Beating the Odds Summit’

First lady Michelle Obama hosted the third annual “Beating the Odds Summit” at the White House earlier this week.

Among the panelists, who addressed the 130 college-bound students in attendance, was rapper-singer Jidenna. He spoke about how education helped him succeed after he moved to the U.S. with his mother from Nigeria.

“My mother came with a couple hundred dollars to her name and I didn’t know we were struggling because she hid that from me, but it was definitely a struggle to get through life and get through school,” he told the crowd.

“The thing that got me to where I am now, though, it’s not just talent. It’s not just a hit record but it actually was my education.”

Jidenna added that he actually hit rock bottom in college and eventually him believing he could graduate was his motivating force.

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