Review: PMS Bites

To our male readers, this post may not be for you as it about a women’s “cycle”. PMS Bites, are a local product made out of vegan and gluten free ingredients to assist with the cravings some women have during “that time of the month”. The bites are promoted to assist you with craving and cramping and other discomfort that happens during the menstrual period. The treats were also created due to the fact that consuming large quantities of sugar, even when it is once a month, is a pretty unhealthy practice. These bites only have around 80 calories with 7 grams of sugar and all of them contain Siberian ginseng, chamomile, and dandelion root.


I was sent my own box of the treats through the mail and it came in this very nifty packaging that to me resembled birth control pills. Though there was a great message from the founder, there weren’t actually directions on how to ‘take’ them. Was I to have one once a day or just when I had a chocolate craving? I wasn’t sure. There were six bites total that come in three flavors – which were written in small font at the bottom of the letter, so they were hard to see. The flavors are – All Kinds of Nuts (a hybrid between chocolate truffles and brownie batter rolled in clusters of crunchy pecans) CocoNutty (a hybrid between classic chocolate truffles and brownie batter generously sprinkled with fluffy coconut) and Plain Crazy (a hybrid between classic chocolate truffles and brownie batter generously sprinkled with cocoa). I see where they were going with the tongue-in-cheek names, but I wasn’t really feeling them. (Why are you calling me crazy?)

I also felt that there was entirely too much packaging. I know that these treats were made to ship, but I thought that they could have had less of an environmental impact.


I tried the first flavor of the All Kinds of Nuts and it was very chewy; going down in about three bites. I am a huge chocolate fan – check my grocery bill – and when I bit into this, I knew immediately that it was not chocolate. I am also a vegetarian vegan, so my palate is pretty open, but if the PMS purpose was to make me not crave chocolate, it didn’t do so for me. It tasted healthy – not in a good way. And although I really wanted to like it, I simply didn’t.

The other flavors pretty much tasted exactly the same. If I had to chose a favorite, it would probably be the cocoa chocolate, but though I ate 5 out of the 6, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the 6th.

Now the real question is, did it help my period? I tried to track my cycle, and I still experienced all of the symptoms I usually experience during my cycle. The only possible difference was that my cycle was lighter in the last few days – which was a bonus, but I could not be sure it was due to the PMS bites without further research.


I think the idea of having a product that allows you to eat healthier rather than gobble down boxes of chocolate is a good one, but PMS bites, just didn’t do that for me. And, at $14.99 a box that has to be delivered when there are plenty of viable healthy options steps away from my apartment, doesn’t make it economical or practical choice for me.

I guess I’ll just stay “crazy”. *smh


Disclaimer: PMS bites were given to me free of charge. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own.
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