Recap: LimoLiner – From Boston to New York


These days traveling sucks! Long gone are the times of leisurely travel where you feel like a customer rather than cattle being herded to your destination. Well, the great people at LimoLiner have heard your plight – offering a luxury bus experience for those who  frequently travel between Boston and New York for work, pleasure or a little bit of both.

Now, notice I wrote “luxury.” As you know, there are plenty of ways to get to New York; the cheapest usually being by bus. And while this leaves your wallet fuller, your comfort level can be severely compromised. However, when LimoLiner designates itself “luxury land travel”, they truly deliver.

First of all, you board outside of the Sheraton in Back Bay (10 Dalton St), so you don’t have to deal with hundreds of other passengers trying to get out of town (trust me – their bathrooms are waaaay better than South Station’s). And there’s no way you’re missing this bus – (don’t act like you haven’t gone to South Station and got confused as to whether you purchased the express or local ticket).

I mean when this rolls up as your ride – you feel like a “bawse”.



The bus driver kindly takes your bag, while the bus attendant checks you in and tells you your seat number. Though the seats are assigned, every seat is the best one in the house. The bus is equipped with expansive tinted windows, allowing you to fully take in the view, without the people (tauntingly) waving. *Side note* I really appreciated that our driver was a woman and our attendant was a man. I think it says something about a company when typical gender roles are reversed #jussayin.

Stairway to luxury


Now, let’s talk about the seats for a moment. The bus itself only seats 28 – (for reference,  Megabus seats 81), so you have plenty of leg room. In addition, the seats are made of quality leather that gently recline, have footrests, armrests (all of these are fully functional), a pull out table (like on an airplane) and a little pocket compartment – which was a great place to put my phone. There’s also a cup holder with extra space to hold any miscellaneous items you have.

At your seat, there are conveniently place outlets, wi-fi and a TV/radio where an in cabin movie is played. Prior to departure, the attendant offered me a pillow, blanket and a beverage – um yes, yes, and yes 🙂


We had a timely departure – meaning we left exactly at 3:00 p.m – as in we actually rolled away from the curb at exactly 3:00 p.m. The attendant informed us of the safety precaution measures and let us know what the in-cabin entertainment would be as well as when we would be provided with our meal – yes – food!

What struck me first about the ride was how smooth and comfortable it was. I didn’t feel bumps in the road every 5 minutes as I do in other commercial buses, and I had plenty of space to stretch out even though there was someone sitting next to me.  I will note though, that throughout the trip the wi-fi was spotty, though I’ve found that on pretty much every mode of transport I’ve been on, so I’m not sure how much of it has to do with LimoLiner. My fellow passengers seemed very business-oriented and were library quiet. There were no loud cell phone calls, blaring music or fussy toddlers.

About halfway through the journey, we were offered a meal. I had forgotten that specialty meals need to be noted in advanced – but the attendant was beside himself to accommodate me. Fortunately, someone gave up their vegetarian meal, so I was able to enjoy a warmed eggplant Parmesan panini  – and it was delicious! It tasted fresh and filled me up. They also had a chicken with rice dish and a chicken Cesar salad available. The best part – meals and beverage service are included.

Eggplant panini
Eggplant panini

Throughout the ride, passengers were asked if we wanted another beverage and with about an hour left of our journey, were given a choice of a snack, (or two) from a basket. The only disappointment I had there was that someone took the Cape Cod chips I was eyeing, but I couldn’t even complain.


The attendant let us know when we were about 30 minutes away from Manhattan. Once we arrived, we had to do a little bit of roaming to find a parking spot, which made our trip go a little over the 4 hour mark. We were dropped off in midtown – as convenient as Times Square is for some, it was nice to not be let off in the middle of tourist central.

I disembarked from the bus feeling well rested and energized. I have to say, it was probably the most restful travel to New York I’ve ever had.

So how much does all of this luxury cost? $89.00 one-way. Which for the service and quality, is a more than fair value. If you are a frequent traveler, they also offer rewards programs and hotel discounts. And for those who can’t travel without their pooch, pets are welcomed on certain designated trips (for an additional fee of $39.00).

I gotta tell you, I could get used to this “luxe” life. 🙂


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Thank you for the experience Destiny and Mark!


Disclaimer: All services provided to me were complimentary. All my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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