Recap: DC Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Unveiled Fall/Winter 2016 Collections at The W Hotel

The DC Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Metro Center held an exhibition of Fall and Winter 2016 collections from their Designers-in-Residence last week at the W Hotel, turning the hotel’s Living Room into a runway and a pop-up showroom.

Over 200 fashion lovers, including buyers, bloggers and corporate executives from Macy’s in New York, attended the fashion show and its subsequent pop-up shops.

“We are excited to present the brilliant collections of our DCFI designers, who have worked so hard to master their craft and gain the business expertise necessary to elevate the D.C. area’s fashion industry to greater heights and further drive our region’s creative economy,” said DC Fashion Foundation founder and CEO Christine Brooks-Cropper.

President, DC Fashion Foundation Christine Brooks-Cropper
Christine Brooks-Cropper

Tsemaye Binitie Collection

Papa Oppong Collection 2

The DC Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Metro Center assists six locally-based designers and two designers from Peru and Ghana through business exchange programs between those two countries and the District of Columbia. The eight Designers-in-Residence receive training to round out their skills, including workspace on the fourth floor at Macy’s Metro Center.

The DC Fashion Incubator is the brainchild of the DC Fashion Foundation, which is the first and only organization of its kind in the region.

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