Morgan State’s President Announces Steps Toward Better Security After Fatal Stabbing Incident

After Gerald Williams, a 20-year-old student at Morgan State University, was fatally stabbed inside gated campus housing Monday night, the school’s president announced new measures toward school safety.

In a letter addressed to “Morgan family,” David Wilson detailed that he is meeting with security personnel at MorganView, where the murder occurred, “to demand better coverage.” He’s also asked the executive director of security to beef up security on campus and have 24-hour patrols in the community. Along with a “night walk” to access “the adequacy of campus lighting,” he plans to meet with SGA in an effort to stop the violence.

Gerald Williams

Although a great plan, it begs the question: Why wasn’t this instituted before?

A simple Google search will tell you that this isn’t the first stabbing in recent years on the historically black campus. Violence has been a recurring theme at the university, which boasts nearly 8,000 students.

Surely, this isn’t the Morgan that Williams’ relative, Carl Murphy, whose name is not only affixed to the Fine Arts building, but who was a trustee at the school for years, envisioned.

Here’s Wilson’s full letter to the community released Thursday: