Recap: ‘I Don’t Do Clubs’ Must Love Beards Party in Boston

So Boston is certainly on the come up! After much negotiation (read: begging) our good friends at LiteWork Events and Boston Naturals took on the challenge of bringing the popular I Don’t Do Clubs’ Must Love Beards event to Boston.

The response was overwhelming, selling out about a month in advanced with tickets being sold on the “black market” for upwards of $40! (Never do that again! LOL!). As you can see, the thirst was real.

Must Love Beards 5

The party to place at Hennessy’s, which most people hadn’t trekked to before. As most clubs in Boston (Yes, I totally get we are talking about an I Don’t Do Clubs event that happened in a club, but venues are scarce in Boston okay?), this place wasn’t set up ideally for mingling, though it did have the perk  of a back area for lounging away from the crowd.

It would have been great if they had opened a second bar, as in typical Boston fashion again, the bartenders were mad slow. Sigh!


DJ Real P did his best with the sound system especially since a speaker blew halfway through the party. (Organizers said they found out a day before the party was to begin that the venue was having sound issues). He took his time finding a music selection that the crowd took to — some were all about the ratchet while others wanted strictly R&B.

The crowd itself was a mixed bag. Some people were curious to see what the heck this whole concept is about. Dudes questioned, “Wait, I get in for free for growing a beard?” And the ladies were like “Wait, there’s going to be a ratio of more men than women?”

Once the sold-out crowd got there, some people didn’t quite know what to make of it. Who talks to who first? Do I have to buy a drink for the guy too? What if I’m in a relationship, but have a beard? Can I be here?”

Must Love Beards 3

So basically people forgot that what makes a great crowd – is YOU! You grown in America, you can do whatever you want!

Fortunately, a lot of people actually did just that. I saw plenty of women going up to men and started up a conversation or shaking their “tail feather” close enough to a group so they had more of a chance to get noticed. Guys took this opportunity to be bold and do more than just wink from across the room. And,  more than a few numbers were exchanged – niiice.

Must Love Beards 4

To those who didn’t have such a good time, you should probably have read the I Don’t Do Clubs 5 Tips for Enjoying the Must Love Beards Party and just loosened up a bit. Stop waiting for a good time to happen to you and BE a good time.

I hear the next one will be in the spring, so here is a little of my own advice for the next one –

Organizers – try and find a venue that is brighter and has a better sound system (duh). Music choices should crescendo from chill to hype. Let people get to know each other before “bustin’ it wide open”. I also think more guys should be involved in the planning or an official host committee.


Crowd – both of the host organizations cater to young professionals  22 – 35, if you are over 35 don’t complain there are youngin’s there! They are suppos’d to be there! Don’t hang with your friends the whole time (same goes for dudes who dance in a circle??) – the idea is to mingle. Get off the wall and off you phone! If you’re going to take a selfie, usie and tag some people aiiight (don’t forget to use the hashtag). This is not a middle school dance. If you want to meet new people, you’re going to have to make some sort of effort.

Must Love Beards 6

Like all new thing that come to Boston, it takes a minute to get used to anything, so don’t be so quick to write something off.  We can all think of how something could have been better, but if we want to elevate Boston, we have to think about how we can contribute to making it better. #jussayin



Photos by K Sultan