Spotlight Bmore: Vivian Green Talks Vivid, Style & Coming Into Her Own

Vivian Green, known best for her hit soul topper “Emotional Rollercoaster” is back with a new album, Vivid, and is ready to take the music world by storm once again. Green recently sat down with BmoreFab to discuss her evolving style over the past decade in the music industry.


The Fab Empire: You recently released your album vivid this past summer, for those readers who haven’t heard it, what’s your favorite song on the album and what message do you want fans to take away after listening to it.

Vivian: I cannot name just one favorite song! I guess I’ll go with “I’m Broken” because that’s the next single, but I love them all. I want fans to take away empowerment. The entire album is about that.


You’ve been in this business for a long time now and you always look amazing. Can you give our readers some of your beauty secrets?

I drink a gallon a water a day. The very first thing I do when I get up in the morning is drink water. I also live a healthy lifestyle. I eat no pork, no shellfish, no ice cream. I don’t really do diets, I just do what works for me

What’s your advice for rocking the short hair look?

Do it with confidence!

Okay, let’s talk about your style ,which has always stood out. What was your style when you first got into the industry?

I was honestly trying to figure out at that point what my style was. I didn’t know yet. I had a lot of stylists tell me what to wear. My entire first album I have to give credit to the stylist because that is not the way I dressed. People still come up to me today and compliment the long skirts and bohemian looks although it wasn’t necessarily me.

How has your style evolved?

I’m still coming into my own when it comes to style. When I’m performing I love to wear black as it makes me feel the most comfortable. Still, I love to mix it up and keep it classy and sexy.  My favorite is bad ass leather pants, showing my belly from time to time, you can say I like to keep it funky classy!

You’ve been in this business for a while, how do you manage longevity?

Be consistent in putting out some sort of content. You have to have a hustle spirit in the music business. It’s very unorthodox, it’s everything.

What other projects can we look forward to?

My campaign “I Am Different I Am Human.” It’s about my son and what he’s been going through and I can’t wait for people to see!

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