UMD’s SGA President Accuses Cornerstone of Racial Discrimination


With University of Maryland College Park‘s homecoming right around the corner — November 7 — some unfortunate news about students and alumni’s favorite bar, Cornerstone, has emerged.

UMD’s current Student Government Association President Patrick Ronk recounted an incident that happened recently.

Ronk lamented about the dive bar’s new dress code, which instructed patrons to enter without “do-rags, basketball jerseys, sagging pants, or ‘urban wear’ of any kind.”

When Ronk questioned the new dress code with a security guard, he allegedly told him, “You’re not Black dude. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Wait. What?

Ron said that although he wasn’t Black he was still offended by such blatant discrimination.

And now the incident has students up in arms and alumni questioning whether to patronize Cornerstone at this year’s homecoming.

As a proud Terp, I know I won’t be setting foot inside the bar. And it’s sad because after Lupos and Sante Fe (Remember wings and Yuenglings?!) closed down, Cornerstone was the last place I patronized while on campus that’s still standing. Welp. RIP. Like they say, all good things do in fact come to an end.

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