Boston School Children Get Support from the Community of Color on First Day

It was back to school last week for Boston’s K-12 students and the community wanted to ensure that the children had a proper welcoming.  Community organizers like Carlos Henriquez and Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson lead the way to enlist people of color, men of color especially, to greet the students as they walked through the front doors of schools like Dearborn STEM Academy, Lilla G. Fredrick Middle School, Trotter School and Higgins-Lewis School as a part of the #greetthechildren act that took place in states such as Connecticut, New York, Georgia and Washington D.C.

The students looked genuinely surprised and grateful for the outpouring of support that was shown to them:


As Boston, and the country at large, has been recently scrutinized for having a lack of diversity in  our K-12 system, I hope that these men (and women) who participated will not stop at the door with their enthusiasm,  but will continue to find ways to become involved in increasing diversity and encouragement within the school walls.

This is a good start.