Make Prayer the Number One Agenda This Weekend! Go See War Room!

war-roomWar Room swept into theaters with huge advance ticket sales, earning $4.05 million on Friday alone. “We were thinking we would do well just to be in the top five,” War Room’s director Alex Kendrick says. “Our last two films came out as the No. 4 movie, and so that would have been fine with us. When we had a shot at No. 3, we were ecstatic. And then when we ended up at No. 2, that was just like Christmas.”

War Room is the latest entry in a string of low-budget, faith-based hits from Kendrick and his brother Stephen, the team behind 2011’s Courageous, which is about police officers grappling with tragedy and fatherhood, and 2008’s Fireproof, which starred Kirk Cameron as a firefighter with a troubled marriage. War Room stars Priscilla Shirer and T.C. Stallings as a husband and wife who turn to strategic prayer to help their volatile relationship.

Both Courageous and Fireproof went on to gross more than $33 million domestically, but War Room is the first Kendrick brothers film to open in the double digits.



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