Local Designs by KRÉYOL and Diaspora Africa Get National Shine

Diaspora Africa Skirt
Boston is on “the come up” in many ways and despite being called out 4 years ago by GQ as the Worst Dressed City in America– ouch! We have aptly recovered in the last few years and thanks to designs from KRÉYOL and Diaspora Africa .

KRÉYOL is on the roster of fashion distributor Nineteenth Amendment and was recently featured at Brooklyn’s Afro Punk Festival. They also got a nod from uber retailer Macy’s which featured 9th Amendment and I Am Kreyol designs photographed by Fab Award Winning Photographer D.Irvin.

I fell in love with the lovely skirts of Diaspora Africa the moment I saw them debut at the Boston Naturals No More Lyes natural hair conference last spring. People literally were buying them off the racks and putting them on over their clothes! – I would have too, but I was only able to pick out my fabric as most skirts are custom ordered. The woman behind the designs, chiropractor Dr. Shalair Armstrong, started making the skirts as a hobby, but when her husband wanted their dining room table back, she decided to use the back of one of her chiropractic offices to sell the skirts. Since her debut, she’s sold them in St. Barts and Brooklyn’s Curl Fest. Lately, she was spotted at the popular artisan market, SOWA, where she got national attention from “Bridesmaids” actress  Melissa McCarthy. According to the People Magazine online article, McCarthy (who is in town filming Ghostbusters) literally bought the skirt Armstrong was wearing off of her:

“She said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to have that skirt that you have on.’ I said, ‘Well just put it on, I have a bunch on the rack,’ ” Armstrong tells PEOPLE. “She’s like, ‘Well I need to buy that!’ “

(See the full article here)

Diaspora Africa and Melissa McCarthyTake that GQ!