BeautyLynk Service Brings the Glam to You!

PrintBeautyLynk is a Boston-based business website – soon to be app – that delivers beauty services directly to you. You’ve probably always dreamed of having your own beauty dream team, but those dreams fizzled when you learned how much that beauty treatment on a regular basis costs, well with BeautyLynk you can actually make that dream a reality for a special occasion or on a regular basis.

I was really excited about this service because I am constantly on the go, and sometimes I just don’t have time to go to the salon or make up counter. Plus lets face it, sometimes going to the salon turns a one-hour job into a three or four-hour job. Having a personal stylist to pay attention to you only is quite a treat.

To order the service, I went on-line to their website which features  models of different skin tones and types, so if you were thinking “Can they find somebody that can do my type of hair though?” the answer is – yes! You can find a stylist or make up artist that you want to work with by clicking on the “Our Professionals” tab. I hope as the website expands you’ll be able to search by service on the home page, though you can find the services section when you click on “Book Now”.

BeautyLynk Screen ShotWhen you click on “Our Professionals”, you’ll see the photo of your potential stylist or makeup artist and learn about their specialties. Another thing to note is that all of these stylists are licensed and you can see their license number right on the page.

Once you’re ready to book, you click on the “Book Now” and choose which service you want. You can see the prices directly on the page and there are no hidden charges. They have basic makeup and natural hair tutorials to full sew-in weaves. The other thing that is great about the service is the hours. They can take appointments as early as 7am and are open until 11pm.

You book a service in three easy steps. Choose the date. Choose the time. Choose the person. I booked a basic makeup appointment, and I wasn’t sure who I wanted to use, so I let BeautyLynk choose for me. When you finish booking your services, you put in the location and pay up front.

BeautyLynk Screen Shot2

On the actual day of my appointment I had Lourdes, who came early! She was actually sitting on my steps which was great for initiative, but in my building that certainly wasn’t comfortable for her, plus I wasn’t quite ready for her yet. I recommend having a space to put special instructions for the person who is coming just to make sure that you are prepared. It was also pretty one-sided as far as safety. I knew what she looked like, but she didn’t know what I looked like. So, I think there should be a part of the service where clients create a profile so that there is transparency on both sides.

She was super flexible and had a great attitude while she waited patiently for me to get ready. I had a little table for her to set up with which she pulled out all of her tools. With each step she let me know what she was doing and why and let me see if I wanted to add something more or if I liked it how it was. She was also very personable and shared about her experience working with BeautyLynk. Although she is licensed as a beautician, she has other aspiration and is in school for computer science. She says that working for BeautyLynk allows her the flexibility to work around her school schedule.


The transformation took about an hour (as advertised) and felt that the work she did went perfectly with my outfit – (not pictured) for the networking event I was attending that evening. I was “feelin’ myself” so much, I even made a few more stops that night.

I am so glad something like BeautyLynk exists in Boston. It gives the stylist community a way to build their client base and the flexibility to work their own hours. It also gives clients an affordable and convenient way to get services on the go.

PS: Although the service is only in Boston presently, look for it to be coming to other cities near you soon!

When (not if) you try the service, tell them you found it on The Fab Empire! 🙂

Disclaimer: These services were provided to me free of charge. All my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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