Terrence J Talks His New Focus, the DMV and Charleston

by Alexandra Givan
Terrence J

Terrence J was among the celebrities who stopped by Verizon’s Now Playing Tour. Before he hosted the afternoon that included performances by Omarion and Justin Skye, he spoke with DC Fab! about his career, his future and the Charleston shooting, which has been on everyone’s mind.

DC Fab: I know you can’t give too much away about your upcoming movie, but what can we expect? I’ve been seeing your behind the scenes posts and I’m excited.

Terrence J: The film is called The Perfect Match. I’m starring in it alongside Cassie, Lauren London, Paula Patton, Dascha Polanco, Donald Faison and we have a lot of special cameos I can’t wait for people to see. The film is just going to be a lot of fun man, and this is my first time producing so I’m just really excited about it.

Do you have any local restaurants, bars or clubs that you visit when you come to the DMV?

You know, I spent more time than I can admit in the DMV. I love this area. Ben’s Chili Bowl (1213 U Street NW) is always one of the first stops for me because in L.A. there’s no real spot like that. That would probably be my first recommendation.

Terrence J (7)

So you’re co-hosting now on E! News, but do you ever think about hosting you own show or taking that to the next level?

You know, right now my focus is films. I’m doing this one and I have two more lined up. I’ve been on TV everyday for the past 10 years. It’s been a great journey and a great ride, but now I want to try new things. I love film and I love producing and telling the story, so I think I’ll do film for a little while.

I know you grew up in the Carolinas, so how do you feel about the Charleston shooting and everything that has happened?

I think it’s despicable. I think it’s really sad. I think we’ve been seeing a lot of things over these past couple of years more so that are just racially charged and just really unfortunate. My prayers and my heart go out to everyone that was personally affected. I just hope that we can heal as a nation and get ourselves back on track because this is not what America is.

Photo credit: Alexandra Givan

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