Recap: Omarion Performs New Song ‘I’m Up’ in Columbia, Shares DMV Favorites

by Alexandra Givan

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Verizon Wireless brought the “Now Playing Tour” to Columbia, Maryland last Saturday as a preview of this year’s Essence Music Festival. The free mini concert, hosted by Terrence J, featured performances from Justine Skye, Omarion and various local artists.

Attendees — including Omarion’s baby moms, Apryl, who we spotted jamming to her man — braved the rain to jam out with some of their favorite artists.

DC Fab! caught up with Omarion after the eventful day. The R&B singer shared more about his hit single “Post to Be” and of course, his favorite D.C. hot spots.

Omarion (10)

DC Fab: So Verizon brought you here today to vibe with all of your fans. What’s your favorite part about being on the Now Playing Tour?

Omarion: Alright, I’m going to tell you a secret, don’t tell nobody. I got a free phone, that’s the hookup (Laughs).

DC Fab: I’m here on behalf of DC Fab, so of course I need to know your favorite restaurants, clubs or bars in the DMV.

Omarion: You know what, there is one restaurant. I’m not sure how far it is from here, but it’s called Oohh’s and Aahh’s (1005 U Street NW). Oohs and Aahs going up! As soon as I touch down, I need that!

DC Fab: “Post To Be,” one of my favorite songs on your album, had sort of a slow build up even though both Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown were featured. Why do you think that was the case?

Omarion: It’s true, it’s true. I think timing is everything. For whatever was going on in the universe it happened at the right time. But you right though, it did take a long time for people to catch onto that record.

DC Fab: Do you see yourself getting back into movies?

Omarion: Of course! [I’m] definitely [a] young action hero.

DC Fab: What was it like doing a reality show? Do you think it hindered your brand? Helped your brand?

Omarion: I think it helped me just because people got to see me in a different light. Being a child protégé, and now growing up it’s like sometimes people don’t want to let that part of you go. But the show definitely helped your boy. I mean you know me having a kid, being a father, just me being my true self, I felt like it helped me definitely.

See more fun from the concert below, including O’s performance of “Let’s Talk”:

Photo credit: Alexandra Givan

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