Recap: Caribbean Fashion Week Takes Over the ICA

Soca and Associates

First Fridays at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) is always a crowd-pleaser that brings out the young, professional and fashionable for an evening of themed programming.

This month, the theme was Island Time and although the weather was far from feeling tropical at a crisp 55 degrees, that didn’t stop attendees from coming out in droves to warm up to the calypso beats that were being stirred up by the Pan Loco Steel Band:

The good vibes continued outside, but inside if  patrons were looking for food to pair with their island experience, they were somewhat disappointed. There was some confusion about the Island Creek Oysters being free? Anyhow they weren’t, but that didn’t seem to deter those from slirping them down between cocktails. And if you weren’t into oysters, the other options of the night ran out fast! Nevertheless, it was nice to see the ICA prepare an island menu that included jerk chicken! *Fab Gal Tip* ALWAYS eat before you head to First Fridays unless you plan on getting there super early. They typically run out of food.

ICA - Island Time Menu

Island Creek Oysters
Island Creek Oysters

But who needs food when you’ve got a great DJ (Mikey D) and the energy of The Islands surrounding you? Along with the “riddims” of the steel band and DJ Mikey D, were fashion collections from the Boston Caribbean Fashion Week featuring designs by Kinda Touma, Devikar Styles, and Santamaria by Marleny. This was just a taste of what folks can expect from Boston Caribbean Fashion Week that will take place in mid-August. The Week celebrates local designers that have Caribbean roots:

ICA_ Island Time Models 2
Santamaria by Marleny
ICA-Island Time Models
Kinda Touma Fashion

Keeping the good vibes rollin’, the ladies of Soca Zumba got a large majority of the crowd out to do Zumba moves in the night air. I don’t think people were expecting to get a workout, but a workout was exactly what they got.

Soca Zumba
Soca Zumba

And if anyone was looking for a reason to get in some cardio, they certainly had energetic role models when  Soca and Associates and Mirage’s carnival parade came through and sent the already heated up crowd to temperature – sizzling.

Soca and Associates
Mirage Mas

I really applaud Althea Blackford and the Boston Caribbean Fashion Week team for pulling off such a fun event. It was one of the most colorful and eclectic First Friday’s I’ve ever attended and definitely the most fun!