Horseshoe Goers Grow Frustrated At Under 35 Age Rule


It hasn’t been an easy transition since Horseshoe Casino (1525 Russell Street) opened its doors last year in downtown Baltimore. The casino hasn’t been as big of a hit as expected and has had several fights inside its facility scaring some customers away.

Still, I found myself there randomly this past Saturday night and I was surprised to see the main entry had been divided up into two sections; a line for 35 and over and a line for under 35.

The line for the “youngins” was all the way out the door while there was no line for 35 and over.

I asked one of the security managers why these lines had been added and he said it was a request from the State of Maryland.


Each person under the age of 35 had to have their ID scanned, while the 35 and over just had there’s glanced at.

Another security guard informed me it’s to help keep the “riff raff out.” A lot of people standing both in front of me and behind me in line grew frustrated and announced they were going to Maryland Live Casino instead. Yikes!

Do you think these lines are needed at Horseshoe?


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