Life Coach Maria Salomão-Schmidt Shares How You Get to Live Your Life

coachmemariaMaria Salomão-Schmidt, originally born in Portugal, but now living in Massachusetts. a graduate of Simmons and Boston College started her path in life on a business track making a very good salary and living what some may call the dream life. Her perspective on her purpose in life changed when her daughter suddenly passed away at the age of 13 months. From that point on, Maria sought to live her life fully in the present. She became licensed in Reiki therapy and began to share her life lessons through personal coaching, website ventures and retreats culminating to the creation of the website CoachMeMaria. This journey also led her to The Oprah Winfrey show where she was one of her very last guests, a dream over 20 years in the making.

I got to have my own session with Maria last week, where her bubbling bright personality gave insight on my life and the life lessons she will share in her next book “I Get To”.

When meeting with Maria, to save time she had me do an intake form. She suggests filling it out at least 2 hours prior to your meeting with her. It has questions like: “What major transitions have you had through the last 2 years,” “Is your life one of your choosing? If not, which parts are being chosen for you? What is a dream or goal you have given up on?” and “What do you want to contribute to the world.”

The first thing you notice about Maria is her bubbling – borderline zaney personality. She makes outbursts of sounds and cookiness, but it’s all to stretch your comfort level and encourage you to get a little wild and let loose yourself.

Instead of asking a bunch of questions, she instead tells very rich and detailed stories that has bits and pieces of yourself in them. She uses analogies and experiences from her own life and weaves it into yours. You don’t even realize you’re the subject of discussion until after halfway through and then it’s like – oh wow – did I just get read? LOL. One story that stood out for me is when she shared about being a lifeguard and described how when people are drowning and someone comes to save them, the first instinct of the person drowning  to pull the other person who has come to save them, down. They are so focused on their pain and fear, that they don’t realize that help has come. In that lesson, she talked about how we tend to act from a place of stealing or begging and that depletes our energy; our air which doesn’t allow us to breathe. But when we are drowning, if we just let go, if we just stop and literally go with the flow, we can be saved or even save ourselves.

The stories she shares are intermixed with words of wisdom that can be applied to various situations. She spoke about how most of us function in the space of what we “have to” instead of doing what feeds the spiritual part of ourselves. We cover up our intuition with our fears which doesn’t allow the flow of life to move freely; instead, we go into a sleep state; doing, but not living. She encourages supporting the spiritual side of your life. Much of our money and time goes to the physical (food, shelter…), but she encourages us to also use out money and energy to replenish our spirits. We need to change our focus to “I get to”. I get to wake up and go work. I get to fix my kids breakfast. I get to work out. When we look at life as a gif, rather than a burden, we can shift our reality.

To that end, Maria is giving the soul searchers or those who just want a place to really replenish, refocus and renew with people who support the journey at her Happy Me Retreats happening this year. The next one will take place on Cape Cod Craigsville, MA April 17th (*$699 – includes lodging and meals *sign up before March 30th!), and if you’re feeling even more adventurous, take the leap to Estoril, Portugal October 4th ($1999 – includes lodging and meals). Learn more when you log on here! Use the code: BostonFabHappy at checkout which will give you a FREE one-on-one session with Maria prior to the retreat (valued at $399).

Even if you can’t make it out to the retreat this time around, I encourage you to follow Maria to learn more about her practices and gain tips for living a life of purpose.

Disclaimer: Maria’s services were provided to me free of charge. All of my opinions are my own.