Washington Weddings: The Soon-to-Be Bradley’s Have a Love That Won’t Quit


Bride: Crystal Novas, 31, Coordinator of Meetings and Conferences

Groom: Daniel Bradley, 26, Business Development

Wedding Date: May 24, 2015

Wedding Theme: Crystal will walk down the aisle to meet Daniel in front of 120 guests at Baltimore’s Grand Historic Venue. The couple plans to have a wedding and reception that lovingly fits the theme, “Forever Does Exist…Where Love Begins and Never Ends.”


How They Met: Crystal and Daniel met at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel as they busily raced the halls at work. Crystal worked as an events coordinator and Daniel had contracted work with the hotel. Once Daniel saw Crystal, she immediately caught his eye and it was love at first sight. Still, Daniel could never find the right moment to introduce himself. Leave it to God’s unprecedented favor as one of Crystal’s co-workers eventually hooked the two up and they went on their first date. The date didn’t go as planned and was a complete bust. This wasn’t any one person’s fault regardless of what Crystal may tell you or what you may have heard on the streets. (Smile!) Nevertheless, Daniel decided he wasn’t giving up that easily and persevered until Crystal agreed to give him one more chance. This time Daniel was in it to win it and came up with a master plan, which included an evening filled with a few delights of downtown D.C., along with fine dining at Zengo and Rosa Mexicano. After Daniel said a quick prayer, he put on his best clothes and cologne and set out for first date number two. It was an amazing night they will never forget…and well you know, the rest is history!


How Daniel Knew Crystal Was The One: In short, I knew Crystal was the one for me because our interactions inspired me to do more, to learn more, and to even become more — not just as a man but as the future husband I instinctively knew I would be for her. Innately, she created an atmosphere where my reality became better than my most passionate dreams. She was, is and will forever be my always!

How Crystal Knew Daniel Was The One: When I saw how my family instantly fell head over heels for Daniel, I knew he was the one. When he asked me to take a class at church called “So You Think You Want To Get Married,” I knew he was the one. When I saw how passionate he was about life, I knew he was the one. More importantly when I saw his relationship with God grow closer, I knew he was the one. The list can go on and on, but the most significant of signs would be the one that came from my Father above. Through much prayer, God revealed to me that Daniel was the one that I would happily spend the rest of my life with.

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Planning a Wedding? Take a Peek at This Couple’s Vendors to Help You:

Invitations: Fingers in Ink
Catering: Provided by Venue
Cake: Provided by Venue
Videographer: D.P. Weddings
Photographer: Scrole Vision
Make-Up Artist: Blushen Make Up Services
Deejay: DJ Chris Styles

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