On The Road With The ELR


Tis the season to give back and I couldn’t have been more excited that I got a chance to drive the brand new Cadillac ELR while I collected outerwear for our annual Coats & Cocktails event.  It was my very first time driving a hybrid car that recharges from the wall and will go up to 35 miles on battery power. I have to admit it was a bit strange to drive a car that wasn’t just fuel, but by the end I absolutely loved it!


Another great thing about the ELR is how surprisingly spacious it is. When I heard the word “coupe” my first thought is how I’m going to fit coats in here, but it all worked out. I was able to deliver hundreds of coats to SOME DC with the help of the ELR.



Let’s also get into how fabulous the interior of the car was! I felt like an “it” girl in the sports-y, but affordable coupe that came with all the bells and whistles. A few of my favorites were the amazing sound system,  the speed of the car (pretty fast for a hybrid), it’s beauty (people wouldn’t stop staring), the electronic seat adjusters with memory recall (a short girls dream) and the heated steering wheel to name a few.

I had an absolute blast driving this car and I cannot wait to take it for a spin again! Thanks General Motors and District Drive for the ride.