Recap: Emerging Trends at Boston Fashion Week

Saturday night was the official closing of Boston Fashion Week, and it ended with one of the most highly anticipated shows Emerging Trends at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama. The best part about this show is that it features designers from all over the world, and for some, it was their very first time showing their work. The other great thing about this show is that you can actually purchase some of the designs you see on the runway courtesy of their website. They even had a  table with samples and tablet where you could purchase item for the half hour between sets.

In additon to having items available for purchase, guests could sample snacks from companies like Neuro, Pretzel Chips, Larabars, Zico coconut water and Hint water. You could also get a mini makeover to keep on trend or just freshen up your existing make up.

The schedule ran as that there were three shows with about three designers with five designs each with  short change of an artistic intermission. The shows were at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

Technology was the theme of this show, and a day before we got to sit down with some of the designers to learn the story behind their designs.  We met Joyce Penas Pilarksy of the Phillipines who has boutiques all over the world and custom makes her designs to fit all shapes and sizes.

Junsung J Choi of South Korea who came to New York to pursue a fashion degree after working as a graphic designer. He based his collection around the movie Battlestar Galatica.

One of my favorite designers, Taylor Lane Designs out of Texas, came up with the concept of incorporating a corset into every day wear when she suffered a back injury after a horse riding accident. The corsets for her are not only fashionable, but functional.

We also met the team behind MIT’s Open Style Lab that work every summer with a team of designers, occupational therapists and scientists who work together to make clothing solutions for patients’ with disabilities. At the show, they digitally debuted two designs. One of them was a magnetic pair of pants they designed for a Tufts professor who previously could only wear basketball tear away shorts;  hardly the attire of a distinguished lecturer. They hope to market the magnet material in strips so that caretakers can customize the patients clothing without incurring high costs and that future designs will enable those with disabilities to have more dignity in the clothing that they wear.

Check out some of our favorite designs from those designers and others below:

8pm – Aussi Bella

Emerging Trends Aussi Bella 1 Emerging Trends Aussi Bella 2 Emerging Trends Aussi Bella 5


Joyce Penas Pilarksy:

Emerging Trends Joyce Penas Pilarksy 2 Emerging Trends Joyce Penas Pilarksy 3 Emerging Trends Joyce Penas Pilarsky Collective:

Shop Emerging 1 Shop Emerging 2 Shop Emerging 3 Shop Emerging 4

9pm – Jungu J Choi

Emerging Trends - Jungsu J Choi Emerging Trends - Jungsu J Choi 2 Emerging Trends - Jungsu J Choi 3

Capital T:

Emerging Trends Capital T 1 Emerging Trends Capital T 2

Taylor Lane Designs:

Emerging Trends Taylor Lane 3 Emerging Trends Taylor Lane 4

10pm – Gate 26 – Modern Vintage:

Emerging Trends Gate 26 1 Emerging Trends Gate 26 2

NuVu Studio (Crowd Favorite):

Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 023 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 024 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 026 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 027 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 028 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 029 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 030 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 031 Emerging Trends NuVu Studio 032


MIT’s Open Style Lab:Emerging Trends MIT Open Style Lab 036 Emerging Trends MIT Open Style Lab  035You would think that a show over 3 hours in length would be a daunting ordeal, but in fact the group at Synergy made sure everything went off without a hitch and kept the show moving at a steady and entertaining pace.