Washington Weddings: The Soon-to-Be Stones Met on the Mall


Bride: Arielle Ellis, 25,  Records Supervisor at the Department of Public Safety, University of Maryland College Park

Groom: Jayson A. Stone, 26, Real Estate Professional at Keller Williams Preferred Properties

Wedding Date: October 4, 2014

Wedding Theme: Arielle will walk down the aisle to meet Jayson in front of 210 guests in Towson, Maryland. The couple plans to have a chic and dapper soiree.

Easton Hall

How They Met: Arielle and Jayson met on the campus of University of Maryland, College Park in Easton hall during their freshman year. Although they knew each other, they would never say more than hi and bye. Jayson tells DC Fab! he always liked Arielle, but never got the nerve to tell her. Four years later, thanks to Twitter and eventually Blackberry Messenger, the two became true acquaintances and started a great friendship. Jayson asked Arielle out but never fully followed through so she made the first move and invited him over. The two watched 8 Mile and felt an instant attraction. A few days later they went on an official date to Lucky Strike Bowling and then out to eat at Jo-Jo’s. From that day on they spent every possible moment together.

Stones at UMD


How Jayson Knew Arielle Was The One: I knew Arielle was the one shortly after we began dating when she bought me deodorant — the exact one I use — because she saw it was on sale while she was out shopping for herself. That’s love. That’s care. It’s the little things in life that go a long way.

How Arielle Knew Jayson Was The One: I knew Jayson was the one when my car broke down while I was on my way to visit friends in Philadelphia. Jayson drove up from Maryland on a Friday night to come get me and help me with my car. We hadn’t been dating for long then, and the fact that he was willing to drop everything and come help me let me know he was more than special!



Planning a Wedding? Take a Peek at This Couple’s Vendors to Help You:

Wedding Planner: Sapphire Events DC, Ash’leigh Gunn
Make-Up Artist: Paint Me Pretty Makeup Artistry, Priscilla Ottley
Flowers: EightTreeStreet Florals, Maribel Kalata

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