What to Expect from W Hotel’s New POV Lounge

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I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that one of our favorite venues, The W Hotel’s POV Lounge (shout out to my favorite bartender Marissa!) has been closed for renovations. So soon?! Apparently so. Heck; we remember when it just opened in 2009.

Still, expect some major changes when it returns. The W’s general manager Olivier Servat told the Washington Business Journal that he wants the POV Lounge to be “a little more stylish, more upscale.”

Does that mean no more bottle service? No more weekend, late night parties? Maybe. Maybe not.

Still, Servat said that previously the lounge’s design “obligated us to select the kind of party, in some cases, that was not completely in line with what you would expect from a venue like the W.”

“With this new design, we kind of pride ourselves on providing a venue that can give you three different moods and three different impressions, depending on whether it’s a social moment or more corporate, working area.”

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Dome bar featuring communal table

The POV Lounge will now be split into three distinct atmospheres — including a VIP area on the terrace’s south side nearest the Washington Monument.

Photo Credit: POV Lounge

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