5 Questions With Honey Pot Founder Beatrice Dixon

By: Beatrice Bangura, BmoreFab Correspondent 



Meet Beatrice Dixon  (Hi name twin!) the owner of Honey Pot! Honey Pot is an all natural feminine wash. Read on to learn more about how the idea of Honey Pot started and ways women can take better care of themselves.

How did you come up with the idea of Honey Pot? I had a problem and needed a solution. For seven months I had a recurring bacterial vaginosis infection. I would try all these products that would give me relief for maybe a week and then it would come back. Finally I thought maybe if I put all the ingredients together maybe it would work and it did.

What type of reactions did you get when you first told people about the idea of your business? Generally it was positive. Some people were a little uncomfortable with the topic or didn’t take it seriously but there wasn’t any extremely negative reaction. The reactions came with doing something different and unique.


What are some ways ladies can become more knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of themselves? The first way I would say is to go to a licensed healthcare professional. I would consider going to a holistic doctor and western medicine doctor. I believe that both can complement each other. Sometimes all that is needed is a diet or lifestyle change and sometimes it’s more than that. I also believe that women should be more conscious of what is going on inside their bodies. So often we’re making sure the outside looks good. We get caught up in making sure our hair looks good and we have the latest bags and clothes. Our priorities should be about the inside of our bodies too. What are you putting on your skin? What are you eating? Are you looking at the ingredients of products you use and food you eat?


What are three ways ladies can take care of themselves?

1. Keep themselves clean. Shower morning and night. We walk around after sweating all day and all night. It’s hot outside and that adds to the moisture and bacteria.

2. For my ladies that swim and/or workout, always keep a pair of clean panties in your gym bag.

3. Monitor your diet. Plenty of vegetables. You can eat fruit too but fruit has sugar so be careful with intake. What made you decide on Lavender being the signature scent for Honey Pot? Lavender is one of the top 5 ingredients in Honey Pot. It has so many wonderful benefits. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. At the time it seemed right and was the main ingredient used in the original formula.

Are there plans to expand the Honey Pot brand? Yes! Some I can’t share as of yet because were still putting the final touches on it, but we will be releasing a line of intimate wipes. We will be releasing menopausal wash for vaginal dryness.

Anything you would like fab readers to know? My brand is a straightforward and simple and that’s what it should be. Its 100 percent plant based. I want to start a movement for women to love themselves and it starts with their bodies.

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