5 Questions With Glorious



By: Kyra Williams


Glorious, a livetronica drummer, Pop/R&B singer, and producer is injecting her live instrumentation into the electronic dance music movement this July 30th at MEX at Power Plant Live in Baltimore. Glorious Live is a high-energy show where she uses a full 7-piece drum set and improvisation to create remixes to electronic dance music while covering house music anthems and self produced Pop/R&B and dance records.  Check out our exclusive with the talented artist below:

Who is Glorious? A lady who is classy sophisticated but that’s where the drums come in because most people know that the drums are a male dominate instrument. But it also says that women can do almost anything that men can do. My voice is more soulful and brings back the elements of Chaka Khan and Patti Labelle the soulful divas of that day and brings it in today’s music on top of hip-hop, electronic, dance, or any popular music. That’s Glorious. That’s me!

When did you start to play the drums? I started playing around when I was 3. My mother was a student at Johnson & Wales University. As soon as she graduated she became a chef and what come with being a chef is pots, pans, and cooking. I really wanted to help my mom cook in the kitchen but obviously I couldn’t. So, she gave me a pot and pan to air cook with this pot and pan but I found my way just playing on them. I guess my mother thought “oh she’s pretty good” and she end up getting me a drum set. I wanted to really take it seriously. I found out that was my passion and calling in middle school.

What can expect from your show later on in Baltimore this week? You can expect live remixes of songs, improv, big lights, EBM, high energy with a taste of class and sophistication. You can taste the groove of the drum set, a mini vacation, no stress, no worries, and you can also taste fun and happiness.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I definitely see myself 5 years from now with my first album and my first tour signed on either Columbia or RCA records. I see myself making great music and really touching the souls and lives of people all around the world.

How would describe your music or songs? I would describe myself as far as my music are songs that evoke a message. The music will always have you dancing or if it’s a ballad it will always capture your emotions or your soul. But you will always leave with a smile or you will always think about the issues that you have in your life and how you can relate to that song.


Be sure to check out Glorious  live show July 30th at  MEX at Power Plant Live, 26 Market Place. The show will run from 5 p.m.-11:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at www.gloriouslive.com



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