Spotted: Fonzworth Bentley Giving Commencement Address at DC Public Charter School


Fonzworth Bentley delivered the commencement address to over 230 seniors at the Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School (4095 Minnesota Ave NE) graduation last Friday.

“Clothing is language,” Fonzworth told the students. “So before you open up your mouth you really already said so much. You not only need to know how to put it on, but you need to know how to put it on well.”

During his speech, Fonz also recalled his time in college and his personal struggles in growing his brand. He called the students “CEOs” and encouraged them to get their Board of Directors together by surrounding themselves with the right people.

“Let me be clear: knowledge is the new currency. So when you leave here and go back to school or begin to do whatever your level of study is, you need to look at that as, I am getting money,” he said.

The entire graduating class was accepted to college and received more than $15 million dollars in academic and athletic scholarships. The school also has one of the highest graduation rates in the District and enrolls more students than any other District high school.


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