Washington Weddings: The Soon-to-Be Akpans Have a Computer Love

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Bride: Erica Toliver, 32, Global Public Sector Associate, Grant Thornton LLP

Groom: Emem Akpan, 33, IT Manager, Tek Systems for Medimmune in Gaithersburg, Md.

Wedding Date: October 25, 2014

Wedding Website: www.EricaAndEm.com

Wedding Theme: Erica will walk down the aisle to meet Em, as he’s affectionately called, and become his wife at The National Education Association (1201 16th Street NW) in downtown Washington in front of family and friends. The couple’s wedding theme is much like their courtship: Computer Love. They’ll explain later!

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How They Met: Em writes, “In 2011, my homie Q and I went to Park at 14th (920 14th Street NW) for some drinks and to meet some cuties. I recognized a girl that I occasionally saw on Twitter and knew that she was a friend of a friend. I approached her and told her to come closer because the music was loud.”

Erica adds, “I walked by a guy who yelled out ‘Yo shawty, your lip gloss is poppin’.’ I laughed slightly then walked away. The next day I got a tweet from ‘Mr. Your Lip Gloss is Poppin’—Em.'”

Em continues, “Q then asked me, ‘Ain’t that the girl you said you wanted,’ and I replied, ‘I will see her again.’ So, a week later I see her at a birthday party. We spoke at the bar, but we didn’t exchange numbers because I had to leave abruptly. I found her on Twitter the next day; I followed her, and she immediately followed me back.”

Erica then says, “On October 25, 2011 I agreed to go on a date him. I knew he was a keeper when he didn’t mind that invited my best friend Krissy to our first date.”

Em adds, “She brought her best friend Krissy with her because she double booked herself. After the first date, I felt a connection. I don’t want to sound cliché, but it was just different. We have been together every day since.”

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How Erica Knew Em Was “The One”: I knew Em was the one early on. I felt overwhelming chemistry on our first date and when he asked to see me every day, I knew this was something different.  He just wanted to see me or be around me even if it was just going to UPS to pick up a package.  He called me every morning at 8 a.m. to say good morning, he checked on me throughout the day to see how my day was and what I ate for lunch. At first I thought he was overbearing and creepy, but getting to know him more, it was his way of learning and getting to know me.  He had a goal and clearly he accomplished it!  His consistency attracted me more and more to him. However, his faith is what really intrigued me. We both are saved and that was key in our love story. As we grew together in love, we also grew in Christ.

How Em Knew Erica Was “The One”: I  knew Erica was the one because I never wanted her to leave. Of course she is pretty — everyone can see that — but the fact is she is a great person to be around. Her heart was bigger than her beauty…and her lip gloss was popping!

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Venue and Catering: The National Education Association
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