Breaking: Recess Lounge Is Closing Tuesday

Recess DC

It’s with great sorrow that we announce that our beloved Recess Lounge (727 15th Street NW) is closing. Owner Fisayo Esconsay confirmed the news to DC Fab!, adding that he and his partner Brandon Howard made the decision two months ago.

“We’re selling the venue,” Sayo tells us. “It’s been five years and we got a deal we really couldn’t turn down…and we’re going to  pursue other opportunities and leverage that into other opportunities.”

“It’s been a good time. We hate to close it down because there’s so many memories there but it’s time for the venue to shut down,” he adds.

Fisayo, owner of Recess Lounge, with Vic Jagger and the deejay
Fisayo, owner of Recess Lounge, with Vic Jagger and DJ Eskada


“Before we opened Recess we really didn’t have a place of our own to throw a parties. We’d do it in restaurants and in order for us to get a Friday or Saturday spot…we had to go to Cafe Asia, Mai Thai and Penang,” Sayo continues.

“We were the only place for that professional black crowd,” he says. “Even when we started Park [at Fourteenth] was [International on the weekends]. There weren’t any venues that catered to a black professional crowd.”

recess lounge

Now that Sayo and Brandon are moving on, they’re a few people they’d like to thank.

“Thank you to everybody who came to share the memories with us during the past five years. Special thank you to all the people who were instrumental to the success: Russ, Scottie, AJ and Nate, James Craig, Sean Breeze, Drew Duhaney, Rock Creek Social Club, Talk of DC, Dave & Ray, Omari, DT Nation, Tri Court, and Wayne & Tony…and of course DC Fab! And if I leave anybody out it wasn’t intentional. We just worked with so many great people over the years.”

Fisayo with partygoers at a recent party in D.C.
Fisayo with partygoers at a recent party in D.C.


Sayo and Brandon will celebrate the end of Recess Lounge with a free Tuesday night party this week.

“We look forward to going out on Tuesday, having one last bash with everybody. We’re not charging anything. It’s going to be DJ Spinser Tracy and Jerome Baker spinning,” Sayo says. “…Have a toast with us and say farewell to Recess.”


Say farewell to Recess on Tuesday, April 22. The party starts at 8 p.m. and goes to until. There’s no cover!

Sayo added via email what’s next for him: “Well I’m an attorney by trade. I practiced transactional law at the top law firm in the country before I opened Recess with Brandon. I missed the practice during this last phase, so I’m planning on taking the time get back to the law and to develop my practice and own DC firm.”