Washington Weddings: The Soon-to-Be Haughtons Prepare for a Classic Love Celebration

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Bride: Kiara Pesante, 27, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic National Committee

Groom: Malik Haughton, 26, Political and Campaign Consultant

Wedding Date: April 2015

Wedding Theme: Kiara will walk down the aisle to meet Malik and become his wife at The Mayflower Hotel (1127 Connecticut Ave. NW) in downtown Washington in front of 100 guests. The couple bucked tradition and decided not to have a theme for the affair. Instead, their nuptials will be a classic, romantic celebration of  love with their close family and best friends.

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How They Met:  The groom writes, “The weather was great, the sun was shining. It was a Monday like any other. I was sitting in my office at the bank I worked for at the time, trying to finish up a project. The door was open but my eyes were fixed on my computer. Around 1 p.m. I heard a knock and a woman, who clearly had an attitude ask, ‘Can you help me?’ I turned quickly to glance at the young woman who interrupted my work and then turned back to my computer. My initial thought was, ‘She’s beautiful’ and I knew I had to get another look. Upon my double take, my first thought was confirmed. I welcomed Kiara Pesante into my office and asked her to have a seat.

We spoke for about two hours and the topics ranged from the issues she was having that brought her in, to her experience in her Masters program at Howard University. During the conversation, I realized this was someone I had to get to know better. I decided to ask her for her number and her response was, ‘How about you give me your number?’ I knew if I did, I wouldn’t hear from her, so my reply was, ‘You and I both know you won’t call if I give you my number. So either we exchange numbers or nothing; and if you don’t want to give me your number, that’s not a problem. I enjoyed talking to you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.’ She smiled and then we exchanged numbers. Now being after 3 p.m., we both realized that neither of us had lunch so far. She said she was going next door to grab and sandwich and I met her there. We spoke for a while longer over a meal and we wished each other a good day.
I had a scheduled trip to Florida the next day, so I planned on calling her when I came back in town. She beat me to it. On my way home from work that Monday evening, I received an invitation to meet her for dinner and to watch a playoff basketball game that night. It was one of the best dates I had ever been on and exactly five years later to the day, that young woman, who had an attitude, who interrupted my work day, will make me the happiest man on earth when she becomes my wife.”

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How Kiara Knew Malik Was “The One”: I knew Malik was the one — after much resistance — when I finally got out of my own way and let my walls down. He was still there, and still is…and now will always be.  Embracing the concept that I needed a partner on this life journey wasn’t easy, but once I did, things were beautiful.

How Malik Knew Kiara Was “The One”: I knew Kiara was the one when I wanted to make an extreme career change, she was my biggest cheerleader and the main person that was 100% supportive of my plan. She has made me a better man and makes me better every day, and I ultimately realized I didn’t want to live my life without her.

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Planning a Wedding? Take a Peek at This Couple’s Vendors to Help You:

Wedding Coordination: Ashleigh Gunn of Sapphire Events DC
Venue and Catering: The Mayflower Hotel
Cake: Cakes by Vivienne at 301-518-4564
Ceremony Musician: Jacqueline Hartley of Harp for All Occasions 
Gown: Mori Lee for Cherry Blossom Bridal
Makeup: Candice Olivia Beauty
Photography: PhotoArt by Lu

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