Power Couple Spotlight: Teminka & Wendell Rawlings


By: Beatrice Bangura



Continuing on with our Fab February Couple Series, we introduce to you Teminka and Wendell Rawlings. This fab couple run the Khepra  Energy Group; a company dedicated to supplying a complete range of energy efficiency, management, procurement, renewable energy consulting services, and energy project development services.  Teminka and Wendell’s story of how they met, dated and married is a story that hopeless romantics can only dream of.  After meeting during a Jazzy summer night event held at John Hopkins Plaza, the two became inseparable. Teminka remembers her hesitation after meeting Wendell because it seemed too good to be true.

We met at the Jazzy summer nights event at the John’s Hopkins Plaza,” Rawlings said. I was helping to promote another event and I invited him to come via a flyer that I handed him. He came to that event and never left my side since that day. We “clicked” almost instantly and I knew that we were meant for each other. We were both searching for love, appreciation, and trust. I remember being excited, but afraid because it seemed too perfect (gift wrapped). For instance, I overheard him telling a stranger within the first month of dating that I was going to be his wife. Well, his forecast was correct because we met on June 2, 2005 , got engaged on June 2, 2006, and got married on June 2, 2007. Read on to hear more about the fab couple:
How do you balance your relationship and career?  We make the time for each other.
Would you advise working for or with your significant other? Yes, because It can be rewarding to work with your spouse. However, you must know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can balance tasks efficiently. Additionally, you must be able to keep work and home separate.
What’s your personal definition of a power couple? A partnership that is composed of two individuals that are looking to make and impact, motivational and generous.  These individuals also understand the importance of compromise and growth.
How do you keep the romance alive? By being passionate and creative.
You both have amazing but grueling careers. Did any one’s career have to be delayed or stalled for the others? Fortunately for us, no. We were able to grow together professionally. What would be the perfect day off?  Brunch, a movie, and dessert.
As a power couple, if you could choose a super power, what would it be?  He would want the ability to read minds. I would want to be able to fly.
What advice would you give the single men and women out there aspiring to have it all? The career, the marriage?
Don’t rush to get into a relationship or a career. You must figure out who you are and ultimately what will make you happy in life. Be sure to get to know yourself before you get into a serious relationship. Don’t settle, don’t waste time, and don’t be afraid to patiently wait on the right person to come along. In accordance, your career will be unfulfilling without passion, so don’t give up until you find yours.