Jason Reynolds Releases ‘When I Was the Greatest’

jason reynolds

University of Maryland alum Jason Reynolds has hit bookshelves again with When I Was the Greatest, out today. The wordsmith this time focuses on a trio of Brooklynites — 15-year-old Ali and his two neighbors Noodles and Needles. Don’t worry, Jason explains the latter’s names right in the beginning.

When I Was the Greatest - dcfab

The book, which is being targeted toward children and young adults, is anything but child’s play. It tells the very real story of coming of age in the City and even touches on mental illness. Needles has Tourette syndrome. And while their neighborhood may be used to his ticks and cursing, when the boys step out of their comfort zone to attend a party, well that’s where the drama happens.

I won’t spoil it. Instead, go pick up a copy of When I Was the Greatest.