City Council Passes Liquor Licensing Home Rule Petition

41843c_Biz_02262011Remember when we invited you out to the City Hall Hearing about the distribution of liquor licenses? Well City Councilor-At-Large Ayanna Pressley, who is spearheading the petition, has been working tirelessly on the project with follow-up hearings, and it was announced this week that this petition has passed through the City Councillors: 12 -1. The petition will now be presented at the state level.

The control of liquor licenses at the city level ¬†could mean a lot more equity of distribution of the limited licenses and maybe even an increase in how many are available *fingers crossed*. This isn’t just about getting your boose on – having control on the city level will mean a lot less red tape and back ended deals for establishments to open and thrive. This could also promote an increase in businesses and entrepreneurs to the city, especially in marginalized neighborhoods.

We’ll keep you posted how this topic continues to develop!

Kudos to Ayanna Pressley and her team!