Pics: ASSEMBLE: The Urban Male

Last night Future Boston Alliance brought together the hip hop/fashion community to Emerald Lounge to discuss The Urban Male as a part of a kick-off to a series that will continue throughout 2014.

The purpose of the panel was “... focused on the stories and timelines of these men. Each panelist shared the factors and people who contributed to their success and the institutional, as well as personal feats that they have strategically worked through in order to shape their business and their overall community impact. Another key piece of discussion was the ‘power of the consumer’ and the need for all of us to be more conscious about where and how we spend our money – making the decision to shift our paradigm of ‘spending’ to ‘investing.’ ” – Future Boston Alliance website

Panelists included Darryl Settles (CEO, D’Ventures Limited, LLC.), Brian Hull (Owner, Founder of Cookies), Daniel Cordon (Co-owner of Boston Brewin), Leandrew Robinson (Founder of PLNDR), Joamil Rodriguez (Owner, Founder of LACED), Seven Cohen (CEO, Founder of Mogul Minded), and Nate Rookard (Owner, Founder of Branded Success).

It’s great to see a group of men get together to uplift one another. It will be interesting to see how the discussion unfolds throughout 2014.

Here are some photos of the event below:

The Urban Male 2The Urban Male 3The Urban Male 4The Urban Male 1 See more photos here.