Lance Gross Hosts Heineken ‘Friends + Family’ Event, Talks Howard, DC and New NBC Show

by Courtney Connley

Lance Gross at the Heineken Friends and Family DC

Howard University graduate Lance Gross stopped by the The W Hotel’s POV Lounge to host Heineken’s “Friends + Family” event. With DJ Clark Kent providing the tunes, Heineken flowing everywhere, along with passed hors d’oeuvres and a beautiful rooftop view, guests were in for a wonderful night as D.C. movers and shakers rubbed elbows with many notable attendees like Mack Wilds and Kenny Burns.

DC Fab had a chance to catch up with Gross to get details on what it was like serving as grand marshal of the Homecoming parade, his favorite D.C. hotspot and his new D.C.-based NBC show.

DC Fab: How does it feel to team up with the Heineken brand to host their “Friends + Family” event series?

Lance: It feels good! I definitely support the brand and I worked with them before during Tribeca Film Festival so it just felt right to come here and host in D.C. I went to Howard and I love D.C.

DC Fab: How was it serving as the grand marshal of the parade with Taraji P. Henson?

Lance: It was great! I know Taraji. We’re cool and it was lots of fun with me, Taraji and also Marlon Wayans.

DC Fab: Oh I know it was hilarious with Marlon Wayans.

Lance: Yes, it was. We all went to HU so it was just a really good time for us to come together.

DC Fab: What would you say is one of your craziest HU memories?

Lance: Ahh I can’t tell you that (laughs).

DC Fab: Okay, so what’s your most memorable moment?

Lance: I would definitely have to say Homecoming freshman year. It was crazy!

DC Fab: What D.C. hotspots do you love to go to that remind you of your HU days?

Lance: Okay, my favorite food spot is Ben’s Chili Bowl. Whenever I’m in D.C. I have to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

DC Fab: Are there any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

Lance: Yeah, I’m filming my new show right now for NBC. It’s called “Crisis.” It will premiere in March. It’s a political drama thriller and I’m playing a secret service agent. It’s funny because we film in Chicago, but it’s actually based in D.C.

DC Fab: Okay, so it’s set-up something like ABC’s “Scandal” — based in D.C., but filmed elsewhere?

Lance: Yeah, and I’m playing a secret service agent. I get to shoot my gun in some action. So you know it’s a good look.

Check out more pics from Heineken’s Friends + Family Event:

Lance Gross, Mack Wilds and Friends Enjoying theHeineken Friends and Family DC
Heineken Friends and Family DC guests
Mack Wilds performing at the Heineken Friends and Family DC 2

Photo Credit: Mel D. Cole