Thanks Black Enterprise for Featuring The Fab Empire in Black Blogger Month

I was sincerely tickled when Black Enterprise said they wanted The Fab Empire to kick off their 2013 Black Blogger Month. We don’t get as many page views as other local blogs, and we haven’t been around longer than other D.C.-based blogs with the word “Fab” in the title, but — if we tell it — we’re still pretty freakin’ fabulous. And I’m even more impressed that Black Enterprise got it right; it wasn’t necessarily about our digital reach, it was about our influence…in reality. And hell, we’ve got it.

Celebrating our first year anniversary at Penang Lounge

Thank you so much to our readers, followers, friends and colleagues who have supported The Fab Empire throughout the years. It was no easy endeavor. I remember when I first had the kernel of the idea. I told two of my male friends at the time. Both said it was a bad idea. And then I remember my first reader, Sean Breeze, who got me into my first argument about a post I’d written about a local promoter at the time. I remember Mia Fields-Hall and Shamera Wilkins, who first nudged me to expand and start a site dedicated to Baltimore. I remember Erika Richardson, who helped me create a business plan and an advertising model, and for introducing me to Tiffany Probasco, who had long been curating events in Boston but had decided to start Boston Fab with us. I remember Dan McCarey, who first designed the modern-day Fab site, and taught me a lot about WordPress and the value of knowing HTML and CSS. I remember Kern Bruce, who created The Fab Empire’s beautiful scroll logo. I remember Zillz, Candice Nicole, Miles Gray, Ray Hamilton, Colin O’Brien — I really could go on — but all of those early pioneers who helped shape what The Fab Empire is today. I remember you. I thank you.

Celebrating our first year anniversary at The Park (Credit: EliteDC Magazine)

In August, The Fab Empire will celebrate six years. So, thank you Black Enterprise for confirming what I’ve known all along that when you give young people a voice — an authentic voice that speaks to their needs, wants, desires and goals — other young people will listen. Thank you for letting us be of resource to you all. And thanks to my current team: Mia, Tiffany, Courtney Connley, Amber Glenn, Naseya Minor, Arli Lima and Beatrice Bangura for believing in the vision and working tirelessly to see it come into fruition.

Until August,


p.s. Make sure you READ THE BLACK ENTERPRISE feature where they call The Fab Empire, “The Voice of Reason for Young Influencers.” BOOM!

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