Recap: Sevyn at 7

By: Arli Lima, BmoreFab! Correspondent

On Thursday evening, DTLR Radio and Unruly Records hosted a meet & greet dinner with Atlantic Recording Artist Sevyn Streeter.  The catered event was sponsored by Ciroc and guests enjoyed cocktails and conversations with Sevyn.  You may remember Sevyn from former girl groups like TG4 and RichGirl, but these days the Florida native is working on her debut solo album and has a new song “I Like It” climbing the radio charts. She has also written songs for other artist such as Brandy and Chris Brown.  Read on to find out what Sevyn says about making the transition from a group to a solo artist and working with Chris Brown.

When she knew that she wanted to sing…I would say at 10 years old. They say you get bit by the bug, I got slapped by something [laughs] because from that point on I didn’t want to do anything but sing and dance.

Her transition from a group to a solo artist…When I was younger I said “Mommy I want to sing!” It was just me, my microphone and my mirror. But being in two groups, I’ve was always been one to accept what God placed in front of me and he placed groups there. So I thought I’m gonna make the best of this situation and be appreciative. I loved being in my groups!  But unfortunately things don’t always work out the way you plan, and like I said I use what God gave me and he also gave me songwriting and it lead me here to where I am today.

Best advice Chris Brown has given her … He tells me, “Just do your sh*t” [laughs] that’s what he says to me.  And really what he means by that is to do me and be comfortable in my own skin, have a good time, and be confident. I love working with Chris. He’s definitely influenced my dancing. I love going to his video shoots. I’m there at call time and I’m still there when they wrap.  I’m there learning and soaking things in he’s an amazing performer.

What sets her apart from other artist…I am me and they are them. I respect and love so many artists, but I am me I sing the way that I sing.  I love me some cords and crazy drums.  There is so much that I want express and show my fans. I am me… I am Sevyn.

Does she prefer songwriting or performing…That’s a hard question. I love them both but since you’re making me pick, I would have to say being an artist.  I love being an artist because If I’m a songwriter I don’t get to dance and I love performing.

What to expect from her debut album…It’s some real shiiii.. [laughs] I am very truthful on this album. I had a situation where somebody literally broke my heart and I wrote an album about it, it’s not the friendliest record but that’s how I felt that day and all of the songs on the album are like that, they are very true.

For more information on Sevyn Streeter, check out her website


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