Spotted: Harvard Honors Nicole Scherzinger and J. Cole

Harvard certainly isn’t worried about when the next blizzard will hit Harvard Square. The prestigious university had not one, but two hotties on the “yahd” in the past week.

Former Pussy Cat Doll and X Factor judge turned Herbal Essence spokeswoman (Yes – I had to go there) Nicole Scherzinger shows you can still come out on top by being named Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation last Saturday. See the full story here.

Rapper J.Cole got his Harvard chops Tuesday. He was invited to give a talk The Next Move: A Conversation with J.Cole to students detailing his rise to fame, influences and next project.




See J’s videosĀ  (1 -3) below:

Knew I shoulda gone the Ivy Leauge route – lol.