Spotlight DMV: Sharisse Barksdale, Bringing Chicken and Waffles to D.C.

Spotlight DMV is a monthly series that highlights the most ambitious young professionals in the District. From members of the media, politicians, philanthropists and engineers, the spotlight is on them! Get to know these chosen few and you’ll be in the know.

Meet Sharisse Barksdale, who is bringing the beloved food combo chicken and waffles to the masses as the co-owner of Capital Chicken & Waffles food truck, the first of it’s kind in the DMV. Who doesn’t love chicken and waffles — it’s the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A native of Prince George’s County, Md. and a graduate from the University of Virginia, Sharisse leaned on family and friends to make the southern-styled food truck a reality. Her parents’ recipes, natives of the south, shine in the delectables in the food truck. And while she works a full time job during the day, her mom works the truck. “My family and friends have been a serious support,” she adds.

DC Fab!: Why did you decide to start a food truck based on chicken and waffles?
: I knew I wanted to start a business and the food truck industry seemed like a good fit.  My brother, Brandon, and I brainstormed and thought that chicken and waffles were perfect.  I absolutely love Roscoe’s  [Chicken and Waffles] in Cali and have always wished that one would open in this area. Since there was no dedicated chicken and waffles truck in the area, we had to seize the opportunity.

Where do you like to hang out/party in D.C.?  
Well, since I’m six months pregnant, I don’t do much hanging out.  In my “hay day” however, I enjoyed DT Nation events (my girls and I used to have great times at Café Asia :laughs:). Still, I love going out to eat and watching movies. 

Out of all the items on your menu, what’s your favorite item(s)?
The chicken and waffles are, of course, a staple.  We make them fresh on the truck.  The fruit glazes and my Aunt Daisy’s turkey chili is also amazing.  Each week we debut a new menu item and our family recipes are all passed down through generations, so everything is made with love.

If you could cook for any politico or celebrity, who would it be and what would you cook them?
Well, since we were lucky to be one of only 19 food trucks accepted to serve during President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration, I feel like we kind of served him :laughs:. I think Beyonce would love our chicken and waffles… she’s a southern girl for sure! Blue Ivy too!

If God forbid your truck was to catch on fire, what’s the one thing you’d run in to save?
That truck is my baby.  I can’t even speak anything like that into existence.

Although your venture is on wheels, do you have a favorite brick and mortar restaurant?
I love great seafood, crab cakes especially, and G&M Restaurant in the Baltimore serves the best, in my opinion.  I make the trip out there often!

To get your fill of chicken and waffles, follow Capital Chicken & Waffles food truck on Twitter at @CapitalCW, on Facebook at and people can also check in on Foursquare.