Recap: Trey Songz’ Chapter V Tour Hits NYC with Trinidad James, Jeezy and Fabolous

Trey Songz brought out his angels last night at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The “panty dropper” didn’t disappoint as not one but two pairs of undergarments ended up onstage, one panty hitting the VA native in the arm.

Trey’s “Chapter V Tour” showcased the best of Trigga, the worst of Tremaine and some hip hop heavyweights. Let me explain. First, the best.

If there’s one thing that Trey Songz can deliver it’s sex appeal. Donning a fitted leather jacket and jeans with entirely too many buttons , Trey’s vocals were spot on (despite a few pitchy moments when he sang in falsetto) as he performed “Dive In,” which opened the show. “Don’t Be Scared” followed the trailer from his new film “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” which is some of the best cross-promotion I’ve ever seen an artist do onstage and he even led in a congregation-style rendition of “Fumble,” which he announced will be his next single from the album.

Trey also brought out the most talked about rapper in hip hop since DrakeTrinidad James, who performed his classic “All Gold Everything.” (Woo!) Not to mention, Fabolous hopped out onstage for “Say Ahh” and Jeezy showed up to perform his verse from “Hail Mary.” I can’t neglect the specialty videos featuring Diddy and T.I., when Trigga performed “Check Me Out” and “2 Reasons,” respectively.

Now, the bad. If Tremaine wants to be a cutting edge artist instead of a run of the mill R&B artist from Virginia then the overall production of his tour needs to be upgraded. It was hard to focus on Trey’s performance with dizzying lighting that made me feel like I was in a bad “Jersey Shore” episode, which pulsated behind him — and they didn’t stop! The bad lighting was in every color, red, green and even one resembling a kente cloth.

Also, I love dancers. Trust me — I trained at Alvin Ailey and I know good dancers and Trey was backed up by two good dancers. Still, there is never a place for mimes onstage unless you’re at your grandmother’s church in 1989.

Despite the lackluster production, Trey’s angels didn’t seem to mind if their deafening screams were any indication. He even pulled one onstage giving her a “Chapter 5” necklace, which I hope he sold versions of after the show.

(I got there too late to see Elle Varner) but even Trey’s openers, Miguel — who was nominated for a Grammy for “Song of the Year” last night — was amazeballs. When I walked in Miguel was already on the stage humping the ground and even made me blush when he belted out “Pussy Is Mine.” Of course, by the time he sung “Adorn,” complete with Elvis-esque footwork, everyone was on their feet.

Credit: Johnny Nunez