Splash No Longer Making Waves

Looks like the downtown spot Splash Ultra Lounge (formerly News) on 150 Kneeland St, has been forced to close as reported earlier today by The Boston Globe.

According to the Globe, the establishment was cited on serving alcohol to minors as well as maintaining service when it was well over capacity.

It seems like Splash has struggled to find an “identity” in the city since its reconstruction over three years ago. I’ve been there for networking nights and a few roof parties and always found it to be trying too hard. Guess they were making up for lost business with cash from daddy’s black card.

Don’t y’all miss the good ol’ News days…the club after the club, and those omelets were bangin’! Memories! I do hope that they get it together. It would be a shame to lose one of the few “lounges” we have downtown.

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