Say it Aint So: The Dekalb Market Closes for Good

by Felice Leon

After several successful seasons in downtown Brooklyn, the Dekalb Market has cleared out the shipping containers, packed up its picnic benches, and closed its gates for good. Say it aint so!

Prior to its close on Sunday, we had the opportunity to speak with Adam Zucker of Youngwoo & Associates (YWA). Along with Urban Space, this group is primarily responsible for identifying and developing the Dekalb Market. During our conversation with Zucker, he explained why the Dekalb Market is closing and the future of the market.

Zucker told NY Fab! that the Dekalb market is closing because the landlord has new plans for the facility and exercised the early termination clause. Zucker said, “the lease was initially signed in 2008-09 during the economic crisis. At the time, it was relatively easy to do so as the rates were affordable. Brooklyn got hot, especially downtown Brooklyn, and land became more valuable”.

“The Dekalb Market is a temporary pop-up market, it is designed to be relocatable,” Zucker continued, hinting that perhaps the market will pop up in another location. He assures Dekalb Market enthusiasts that the market will maintain its integrity as an economic incubator and cultural hub, and that it will most certainly relocate to another space in Brooklyn—according to Zucker, its got the “Brooklyn mojo”.

Though YWA is scoping out many potential locations, there is no word on where in Brooklyn the market will move. The hope is that the market will find a new home and relocate by early spring. We’ve got our fingers crossed!

When we asked Zucker his favorite event this season, like a proud parent, he denied having a favorite. Zucker went on to mention a few fond moments. Among them, were The Do-Over in May, bike-in movies, and the Saturday family events.

I, like Adam, have many fond memories of the Dekalb Market. There, I enjoyed dancing in the rain, sampled food from around the world, and even discussed jewelry making with vendors. The Dekalb Market is, indeed, more than a ‘market’. It has become a cultural institution in Brooklyn, a destination, and a place to build community.

In honor of the Dekalb Market’s close and in hopes of a swift relocation, take a look at a collection of photos from some of our favorite events.