Recap: Ricky Blaze at The Club House

Last night I headed out to The Club House (44 Mazzeo Drive) in Randolph for the first time. Daaaaagggg that spot was in the cut. Thank God for GPS! Once there I was pleased to find ample parking, but not so pleased about the housey exterior. Like it really looks like a shack! I wondered how they considered enforcing a dress code…anywhoo…

Once inside I was pleasantly surprised to find an actual club. A rarity in Boston these days. There were two bars and decent sized dance floor and ample space for parties and tables, though there weren’t that many sold  – it was after all a Sunday night. The atmosphere was pleasant. I don’t know if fresh air makes us more friendly , but ladies were complimenting each other and actually speaking. I had a napkin on my shoe and a girl let me know…now that’s nice. And there were more than a handful of decent lookin’ dudes there.  A little eye candy never hurt anybody. 🙂

I also loved the Hennessey sponsorship. (They go hard out here don’t they?) I was immediately given a shot of Henny upon entrance along with cool sunglasses and a glow ring that I wore as a halo. It was about to be a party! Or so I thought.

Now I won’t bore you by totally rehashing the play by play if you were following the instant updates on Twitter, but basically I dunno what the DJ’s were on, they both were OFF all night. I respect DJin’ is an ART. And like all art, its beauty is subject to interpretation; however, there were some key issues that went wrong at this party. First up was DJ Legend – please correct me if I’m wrong – who started off awfully. I don’t think either one of them remembered that Ricky Blaze is a reggae artist. You’d assume that people who came to the party of a reggae artist would want to hear…hmmm…Caribbean music perhaps? Instead this guy decided to play a hodgepodge of hip hop music from 2010 and gansta music, so it was hard to tell where the night was going to go.

I thought okay so this is going to be just a bad music night…I can deal with that…until DJ Papadon aka DJ Screams-a-lot came on the mic. This man screamed literally for like half the night. If he said “Let me hear you single ladies scream” or “If you make more than $30,000 scream!” one more time I think I might have been a victim of spontaneous combustion. The man was merciless on our ear lobes. And none of his ranting went on with the music. How you gonna tell us to scream to “She lovin’ the crew?” ALL MY INDEPENDENT LADIES!! – How we gonna be independent and “lovin’ the crew??” Maybe I just shouldn’t listen to the lyrics.

I’m not sure what kind of vibe he was going for, but he missed the mark totally. If the screaming wasn’t enough then he kept talking. Commanding people to get on the dance floor or asking the crowd what they wanted to hear, because clearly he had absolutely no idea.

To add insult to injury he did one of the most annoying DJ tricks of only playing the beginning of a dozen songs in like 5 minutes. I was ready to go IN on Rick Ross’s “I’m a boss”, but couldn’t trust that he would play at least a good portion of the song. I was correct in my assumption.

The night was a celebration for DJ Ras Beas AND a music video shooting for him and Dutch Rebelle’s new video. See, now Boston you’re doin’ too much. I know we have a shortage of venue space, but dag…three things for one night that ends at 2am was a bit of a stretch. Plus to pull it off they had to interrupt the party several times.

So wait…what were were there for again? Oh that’s right…Ricky Blaze. Yeah…dude showed up at around 1:40 and sang only snippets of his hits “Just You and I” and “I Feel Free” as well as new song about “whinin'” –  the song wasn’t half bad, but by that time I was so worn out I just wasn’t in the mood. I do give him credit for gettin’ right into it and makin’ a comment about how we had heard “Single ladies come up” a ton of times and wanting to stay late to take pictures with everyone, which I’m sure security shut down – I had to go by then – but still this was NOT a concert and shouldn’t have been promoted as such. Us veterans know better, but FYI to the public, whenever an artist is promoted at a club as having a concert what hey really mean is “walk through” and if you get 6 songs be happy. Concerts are for venues like The House of Blues, TD Garden, Bank of America Pavillion…

This party really would have been aiiight, hadn’t the DJ’s rubbed everyone the wrong way all night.It wasn’t too expensive, free parking, and at least your first drink free…if ONE DJ had had a great set and got the crowd hype enough to not realize that they had waited over 3 hours for a 10 minute performance, then it would have been ok.  I think. Maybe.

*Le sigh.

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