How Does Underage Wizards Player John Wall Get Into D.C. Nightclubs?

Washington Wizard's John Wall at Shadow Room last weekend

…he has friends, that’s how. John Wall, 20, was recently spotted lounging in Shadow Room, a nightclub in Northwest D.C. outside of Washington Circle. The underage NBA player wasn’t spotted with a drink in his hand but he did manage to make it inside to party with fellow team mate Nick Young, 25.

This isn’t the first time that the young player was spotted sneaking into D.C.’s nightclubs. Since he was drafted by the Washington Wizards, Wall has been spotted partying inside Bar 7, Love Nightclub where he battled R&B singer Chris Brown on the dance floor, and even Stadium Nightclub.

Wall even has a drink named after him called the John Wall shot. Apparently, it’s a blend of blue raspberry vodka, sour mix, and Sprite… and supposedly Wall hasn’t tasted it. He told the Washington Post last year, “You know, I’m too young to drink or anything, I haven’t made it to a bar, so I don’t know what’s in my drink.”

Perhaps since Wall has made it to a bar now he knows what’s in his drink. Here are some more pics from the night:

Nick Young poses with DT Nation's Mitch Mathis

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