Sources Say Brandon Banks Attacked Club Goer Not the Other Way Around

Jason Shorter, a twenty four year old graduate of the University of Maryland, is currently being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Still, despite numerous reports Shorter did not start the fight and was simply defending himself.

Shorter, who doesn’t frequent the party scene, was out for his girlfriend’s birthday, according to Shorter‘s friends . He purchased a VIP table at The Park at Fourteenth, which typically costs up to $1000 per night. As Shorter and his friends were leaving the establishment, they encountered Redskin’s punt returner Brandon Banks who immediately began talking about what Shorter was wearing. Onlookers said the NFL player was belligerent and upset since he was not let in by The Park at Fourteenth management. Apparently, the football player was not dressed appropriately. Our sources tell us that Shorter was wearing an all white outfit.

Shorter got angry and started speaking patois, a Jamaican dialect, to Banks who immediately took that as an insult. Banks’ friend Christopher Nixon started yelling, “I’m a goon!” to further taunt the group.

Shorter, according to our sources, said he could have been killed by the punches because of a plate that is in his face; the result of corrective surgery he had due to an accident at University of Maryland during an intramural football game. Thus, he pulled out a knife and started waving it in the air to defend himself.

Shorter kept repeating, “I should’ve just bought her a Louis Vuitton bag,” all night after the incident.

It’s illegal to carry a concealed weapon in D.C. so despite the self-defense explanation, Shorter‘s charges have not been dropped and probably won’t be.

ABC7 has also uncovered a cell phone video that shows Redskin’s punt returner Brandon Banks throwing the first punch. The incident left Banks with a stab wound to the chest. He is still in Howard University Hospital with a “tube in his chest” to prevent his lung from collapsing. His friend Nixon was also stabbed in the face and remains in the hospital.