Instant Night Life: Is it Worth the Download?

Have you ever wanted to know what the line wait time is at Venu on a Friday night?  Or what deals are happening at Caprice on Saturday? Well a Web site and phone app called Instant Nightlife claim they can do just that with a push of a button or click of a mouse.

The technology for the site  has been developed by MIT’s Kayvan Zainabadi and Shahriar Khushrushah to give real time updates for Boston’s club scene where users can check the line, crowd, music and girl/guy ratio before they go out.

Although this app seems like a good idea, there are a few things that make me think that it’s a waste of a download.

1. The app is only available on weekends: With many urban club nights being during the week, the app misses an entire demographic. It also misses out on the myriad of after parties for concerts and shows that happen during the week. The app would be useful during the week to know if you should stay out and keep your precious parking space or just head on home. On the weekends, you usually don’t have to work the next day anyhow so what would be the rush?

2. The app is only available for the most popular nightclubs: Let’s face it, most of the popular nightclubs in Boston are going to be packed regardless. There just isn’t enough of them to really worry about the line being long or not. Plus, most go to a club for a specific purpose or follow a specific promoter. Party people don’t just go to any random club and if we want to be there, common sense says to go before 11:30 p.m. And we only have a certain amount of time in clubs here, so by the time you figure out if a night is going to be good, it will probably be past the time they’ll let you in.

3. The deals? What deals? The Web site claims to talk about the deals that a nightclub is having. What deals?! Club prices are always set and a lot of what makes nightlife is the relationship you have with promoters, the doorman, etc. It also lists only two drink choices as deals, either a “rum and Coke” or a Budweiser. Obviously these people haven’t been to a club since 1994.

4. They are some key spots missing from the listBlue Wave, Slainte, and District all didn’t make the list though District and Blue Wave have had long standing nights on Fridays and Saturdays. And Church is listed as being in the Theater District, when it’s clear across town in Fenway.

The Web site would be good for those who want an overall look at what the club typically offers. They do give descriptions of each of the clubs on their weekend nights, and touch on which nights are good during the week, in their “Our 2 Cents” portion. If they beefed that portion up a bit that would most benefit the reader.

Are they just grabbing their information from Twitter and Facebook and then feeding it back to you? It sure sounds like it. Nightlife isn’t a hard fast science and YOU are what makes nightlife what it is. So if you don’t go because there aren’t enough girls and you’re a girl, or there aren’t enough guys and you’re a guy…well isn’t that defeating the purpose of the club itself?

As for me, I’ll save my megabites 🙂

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