Spotlight Bmore: Infame, Baltimore’s Favorite D.J.

By: Arli Lima, BmoreFab! Contributor

Voted Baltimore’s Best DJ for 2010 by The Fab Empire readers two years in a row, DJ Infame is well on his way to becoming famous outside of the Baltimore area.  He has already mixed for big names such as, Ray Lewis, Russell Simmons,  Mario, and Terrell Suggs. He is also a fixture on the nightclub circuit for venues such as Bourbon Street, Eden’s Lounge, Select Lounge, and many more. This for some DJ’s would be the pinnacle of their career, but not for Baltimore’s favorite D.J., he’s just getting started.

BmoreFab: When did you develop an interest in music and dj’ing?

D.J. Infame: I would say it started at the age of 9 years old.  My mom used to work at the old Hammerjacks nightclub as a server and I was always around the older Baltimore DJ’s (DJ Boobie, DJ Frank Ski and DJ Reggie Reg), and at the age of 14 years old I was given my first set of turntables.  I continued to DJ throughout college and I was also a station manager at my college radio station.

BmoreFab: During your progression as a DJ you were not only mentored by some of the older DJ’s, but also by some of  Baltimore’s most recognizable DJ’s on the scene today.  How does it feel to be the student being taught by some of the best?

Infame: I’ve worked with DJ Quicksilva, DJ 5 Starr The General and DJ Reddz and they have all taught me something different. 5 Starr is a good friend of mine, so I’ve learned a lot about music from him, we are able to talk about anything involving music and discuss the different aspects of DJ’ing.

My showmanship with dj’ing comes by way of DJ Quicksilva.  His initially call to me was to ask me to open for him at Red Maple on Sunday nights. He took me under his wing and mentored me. From Quick I also learned mic presence and how to be interactive with the crowd, he is a phenomenal DJ and can make any crowd feel great.

DJ Reddz is also a good friend and he is an excellent DJ when it comes to being technical with his selections and transitions.

BmoreFab: In your opinion, What is the difference between the DJ’s of yesterday and the current DJ’s today?

Infame: Back then Dj’ing was more of an art form.  Now DJ’ing is more of a business.  Back then they [DJ’s] would do it for the people because they loved to mix. DJ’s now seem more on a higher level than they used to be, more respected.

BmoreFab :The year 2010 was a big year for your career and DJ Infame as a brand.  Tell us a little about your year.

Infame: I was inducted into an organization known as Core DJ’s in August 2010.  It’s an organization of the nation’s most influential DJ’s; Big Tigga, DJ Khalid and DJ Scratch have all inducted into Core DJ’s.  It’s a process of you have to get nominated and voted in. I feel very honored because the last DJ from Baltimore to be inducted was DJ K Swift.  And just recently in December of 2010 I was signed to DJ Data Linc as one of 15 DJ’s across the nation selected .  DJ Data Linc was recently launched and it and organization that tracks play lists the same way that the radio does, but they track songs that are being playing in the club by the DJ.

BmoreFab: You were also voted Baltimore’s Best DJ by The Fab for the second year in a row,  How did that feel?

Infame: It feels good.  It feels like I’m doing something right. It’s great to have people recognize you and say that you are doing a good job.  It’s humbling. I still have a lot of work to do, I don’t feel like I’m at the top yet, but I am totally thankful and blessed.

BmoreFab: You are only 26 years old and have accomplished so much, How were you able to build such a large branding and fan base at such a young age?

Infame: Hard Work.  Consistency.  Dedication.  I live by those three things when building my brand; Seriously…that’s my motto.   For me it’s just putting in the time and putting in the work.  At one point in my career, I was DJ’ing 6 days a week.  It does help that I have a degree in business, but that only helps because it gives me the knowledge of what to do as far as a business aspect, but it honestly takes effort and a whole lot of other things to make a business grow.  Also it’s about being at the right place at the right time.  When I did the Terrell Suggs weekend a few years ago there were  a lot of celebrities in attendance and afterwards I got a call from Robert Townsend.  I was thinking, “Wow, this is ‘Duck’ from The Five Heartbeats!”  Some people would have been intimidated by that but it was a very influential moment for me.

BmoreFab: Your website ( says that you are “revered as ‘Baltimore’s Best Kept Secret’, With all your local and national success, Do you still consider yourself “Baltimore’s Best Kept Secret”?

Infame: I would say so absolutely, only because I’m concentrating now to be known in other national and international markets. So, Yes I would still say I am The Best Kept Secret.

BmoreFab: What’s next for DJ Infame?

Infame: Moving forward  I’m traveling to Atlanta because the next thing for me is producing.  I’m going into the studio with one of Young Jeezy’s producers to learn more about producing. I want to try and travel a bit more and network with other artists and hopefully produce a Grammy winning song for someone like Jennifer Hudson, I love her as an artist and musician.  I would also like to be on the radio; that’s one of my main goals in the near future.  And of course to continue concentrating on DJ’ing.

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