Redskin’s Fred Davis Attacks a Woman at His Own Birthday Party!

Washington Redskin’s Santana Moss, Brandon Banks and Trent Williams wanted to throw a birthday party for their teammate Fred Davis…but it seems like the birthday boy couldn’t take a hint! Inside Josephine Lounge (1008 Vermont Ave. NW) Davis approached a woman in an aggressive manner, according to a police report filed earlier this morning. The woman then threw a drink on Davis. He then threw a drink back at the woman and hit her in the lip.

Still, surveillance cameras from inside Josephine Lounge say that Davis approached the woman calmly before she threw her drink on him. The tape also shows Davis coming back to the woman, pouring a liquid from a bottle, then throwing the bottle in her face. The woman did not appear injured.

Davis later confirmed to NBC Washington that he poured orange juice on the woman.

The woman said she asked club owners to call the police and they refused.

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